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Cap Gun Sound And Brief Flash Of Light

Hi a couple nights ago my husband was sitting in the living room in the dark. I was trying to sleep in the bed room and we both heard a sound just like a cap gun. I jumped it was loud.

My husband saw a brief spark like flash about 10 feet upfront of him he says was about a foot off the ground. He does not scare easily or have much belief in paranormal. He was shaken by this.

Now we have recently moved a person we knew committed suicide very near here and ones he left behind are in our house every now and had been at our home earlier that day.

I would appreciate any information about what this might mean. I am a little freaked out.

Asked by Rena

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Thanks Jan, I feel like Iam certain it was the young man who died next door. His children we’re playing in our house all day when this happened they had only went home a couple hours before and my(soon to be ex) husband said as soon as it happened he said the young man’s name out loud and didn’t know why but he knew it was him. I so appreciate your time and insight. Best wishes to you Jan