Do You Know Of Any Demons / Entities Trom The Philippines?

I have been haunted it seems by 2 Filipina women (late teens or 20’s I’d say), (or a demon disguising itself as so?),… and I live in Canada.

My entire life I have had contact with Spirit, and have always been highly intuitive/psychic, so I know this isn’t just a spirit. It’s not something I want to intentionally try to make communication with to find out what it is or what it wants. I am curious though if there is an ancient entity that torments people.

One of the most disturbing/frightening things was through my dream/on the astral plane.

It took place in the house I grew up in, however everything was remodeled, and these 2 Filipina girls were there. I could smell rotting blood, so I looked around to find out what it was. The 2 girls were standing there staring at me. Then I could really smell rotting flesh. Blood was streaming down the walls in the basement, and rotting flesh was coming through the ceiling. I knew it was the girls, (that they were some sort of evil), so I ran upstairs. When I got into the kitchen I could hear a sizzling, but nothing was cooking. I screamed as I could sense the evil, and it threw me up to the ceiling.

That is only one instance. There have been several, and I have woken up with bruises.
I’m not too sure what to think of this.

Asked by Jenna

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Hi Jenna,

I would be thinking about clearing your energy and removing the entities so that you would not have to experience that anymore.

Scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation. Follow the instructions and use it to clear yourself. Then follow the link to White Light Shields and learn them and use them, to keep you from collecting any more odd energy.

Before I could examine the nightmare you would have to tell me if you watch horror movies on tv or video, as some of what you described is scenes in them. Our minds do collect images and store them and replay them during our dream life for reasons to do with stress or other triggers. It is possible that is why you dreamed what you did .. but the dream might have another meaning, that has nothing to do with your ghosts .. or .. you could be sharing the memory of what the ghosts saw or experienced before they died, or the events that killed them. I’ve done that, and some of the ‘experiences’ have been horrible.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama.

Thanks for responding to me.

I can see what you’re saying, but it’s not the case with me, (with the horror movies). I’ve watched horror movies my entire life, (I’m in my thirties), so they don’t have much of an effect on me anymore. I haven’t been watching them recently either.
This was more of a lucid experience on the astral plane. Very real.
And yes, dreams are sometimes just dreams. But this was something else.
I’ve had some unsettling things happen on the astral plane before, such as a time I was in an elevator, and this demon-like man with rams horns cornered me, and made low groaning noises. I used to do a meditation at that time, where I stepped into an elevator, stopped at different levels, and then made my way to the top.
It was the same elevator.

Sorry, now I’m kind of just rambling.
The point is, I’ve had spirits around me my entire life, and I’ve had attacks before, so I know the feeling. I don’t really mind the spirits, as it really is a part of my life.

I was more interested if you knew of any particular demon or entity that is from the Philippines, since it has been these 2 Filipina girls in several instances. I’m just a curious person, and although I have many books/encyclopedia/dictionaries on metaphysical/paranormal/etc. I haven’t found anything. Maybe there isn’t one, and I am just experiencing something that they went through, as you say. I have heard of some Egyptian entities that can make your life a living hell, so I’m just trying to protect myself.

Have a lovely day.

First let me introduce myself , my name is Amadeus even tho i kinda like the nickname of luciel it sounds pretty .
Now if you allow me let me give my opinion to you , differently from what people commonly tend to believe about bad or good i do not think there is negative energy as the energy itself becomes what an entity desires it to be its something that acquires the traits you want it to have .
So you do realize that as a ”medium” or whatever word you choose to use you are able to see spirits and entities not many do but do you realize that also affects your whole living ?
What i mean by this is the way you can see them they can see you , no ,more like they can feel you . The feeling of you is different from any other person but not just as an individual , no , more as a human in itself being able to see them means you have a special trait that makes you visible , distinct , from others as well .
Now i would not recommend you any kind of ”purification” or exorcism thats pure useles , what id like you to do tho is realize a few points :1. When do they appear ( so you can know before hand when it will happen again )
2. Find a pattern ( things in common you see in your astral travel , that if you interpret correctly might give you some hints )
3. Realize how much can you bare of this ( this depending on your answer might mean go on with the following things or just go to the end of this steps )
4. Have you tried communication ( i do not recommend much of it especially because even tho they might know about you seeing them communication might take it to another level so be sure before trying )
5. I know you already know this but try to find the cause of it , when it started happening and a potential reason there may lie also the way to make it stop
6. To make it stop , it is not that hard , as you said you met them on your astral journey that means they have not come to you , you went to them , as i said when you can notice this kind of things they also notice you the only way to make it stop at least for a while is to stop your journeys , stop going out of your body , start ignoring each and every entity you see or sense totally , simply said fake your stupidity because after a while they will leave you .
As you may well know when a ”medium” or someone gifted more simply put , tries really hard to ignore their ability sometimes can even lose it the same way someone always looking for it might one day develop that kind of ability .

Im sorry if its not what you expected im talking from my own point of view and experience i just dont think most of people know what they talk about when giving you advice about spiritual stuff as they dont learn by themselves and go mind open they might ( i say might as well they might not and just imagine it ) find something and imediatly go associate it with some popular stuff like oh its a demon o its an angel or its a creepy pasta or this or the legend . Thats just misleading information and i suppose you already know that the best way to learn its to go mind clear and live it , not putting prejudice before your own judging .