Is It Possible For A Demon To Protect You?

First of all, I know there already is a question with same title and I read some of it, but I really need an answer for my personal situation. And please, forgive my bad English, I’m trying as I can.

How I know I’m talking about demon? I’ve met some protective “entities” of my friends in past, they were mostly white, look androgyny, but somewhere inside of me I knew if it’s man or woman. With seeing them I always felt calm, fine and relaxed, not scared in any way even though that experience was unexpected and surprising.

My entities causes fear, darkness, cold and power. I can’t see faces, they’re black and smoky. Yes, there is not just one, I know about two at least. I know that they’re not going to hurt me, but in their presence I feel uncomfortable and little scared. It’s some inner feeling I cannot change even I’d love to.

They are around me since I can remember, so I’m used to them, but still I sense what I do.

How are they protecting me?

I would be dead three times by now without them. Two times I heard their voices, once I had one of them inside of me, it moved my body to protect me, but before it was talking to me, saying what to do, but I haven’t been listening.

It has man voice, sometimes I hear it talk to me in my head. Mostly I can’t hear what they’re saying, just few words, but they’re always nice to me.

Once I wanted to have sex with a stranger, I heard voice in my head telling me that the man is ill, to get rid of him.

What else they do?

They’re not happy when I keep in touch with “people of light”. My friend, he’s very nice person, he would do everything for everyone, want nothing in return. He started feeling sick in my company, when we were together, those demons were always near. They also went to his home to freak him out.

If someone is laughing to me about something, it always returns to them. It’s like eye for an eye, just maximized. For example – if someone was rude to me because I had acne skin, it returned and now that person has face full of scars. When my friend made jokes about me because I hadn’t have sex yet, she didn’t since then, it’ s for 8 years now on. I have hundred experiences like this.

I was in touch with “white witch”, she wanted to figure out who I am and she can’t, like if something makes her blind, after some unsuccessful trying she wanted meet me in person, but she never did, she’s dying right now.

Devil in my life?

Yes, I’ve spoke to him once. He came to me by himself. It was really interesting experience. So much power. But I felt I don’t need to worry, he doesn’t want to hurt me. He offered me knowledge, to be his “student”. He wanted nothing in return, we just shaked hands. Till then all that demons disappeared and I can’t sense them no more.

I have to say that I’ve never summon anything. All these things came by itself. I’m not evil person, never killed anyone, sometimes I did hurt, but nothing serious, never made real damage to anyone and never really wished. I’m quite and gentle person, little bit cold and logical. But my inner feelings are for darkness. I feel bounded and attached to them. Not by force, it’s just me. I feel better in darkness. Light freaks me out. I don’t respect god and I don’t like him. I can’t explain you why because I have no idea. But when I’m listening to myself, it’s there, inside of me, inside my personality and everything who I am.

Do anyone of you know what is happening?

Thank you very much for every answer.

Asked by Raven

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Hello Raven,

There are some people on earth in human bodies, living human lifetimes, that have a different form of spirit, not a human one, but a fallen angel, who was once an angel .. but can never be an angel again. Once an angel ‘falls’ it becomes the exact opposite of the Love from which it was created .. in other words, it becomes a demon. But, disregarding the comments in the Christian Bible, a demon can be redeemed by God, and many have been. They become human to repay the karmic debt that owe to humanity .. and that explains, in my understanding, everything you told me here.

On my webpages you’ll find a book called ‘Love Song of the Universe’ .. or you can look it up with ‘Ama Nazra Love Song of the universe’. It’s not Mary Sparrowdancer’s book. You might find it an interesting set of webpages to read.

Right now, all you have to do is remember that God loves you, and that you made a choice to do good in every lifetime. Continue that way. The devil no longer has a hold on you, unless you let it.

Love & Peace

Thank you for your respond.
It’s an interesting point of view to say at least. That book, I’ll check it out.
So, basically, the evil ones protect me because they want me back?
I don’t know what I’m going to do. I haven’t decided anything yet. All these things about God, I can’t say I don’t believe , I just don’t like it much. I was always magnetized by depresive places, stories, art, acient religions and myths. For that places I can mention Scotland, some places are deep dark. Then my mother asked me why I’m still looking for places with bad energy when she would like to go for places just with good ones. I didn’t know what to say because I never thought about it at all. Places with good energy – no way. So now I’m just doing what I think is the best for me, I don’t wanna go against myself when I feel it’s not right.