Is There a Demon in My Home?

I moved in a mobile home outside of Hinesville Georgia we had a roommate staying with us he and my son said there were ghosts in our home well I laughed at them then a couple months later my daughters bedroom door opened by itself she started getting scared. I laid in my bed talking to her then I saw this thing sitting on the floor with its legs bent its knees were by it’s head it had a long tongue and really long teeth. I was so scared I couldn’t move I got to the point I wouldn’t even go past my couch.

I wouldn’t go to the bathroom alone so I was home alone one day about 2 weeks later and decided I was going to take a nap. I woke up gasping for air I felt like I had fallen into my body. I laid there for a second and felt something tapping my shoulder there wasn’t anything there then I heard a growl across the room and there was the same demon sitting there staring at me with a long tongue long black hair his skin was grey he had black eyes and I really don’t know I was sitting there in fear but when my husband came home I heard the door open and when I looked back at the spot where this thing was at it was gone.

Can anyone tell me what this is or what it may mean? All I know is I’ve never been so scared in my life.

Asked by Angela

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Hi Angela,

In circumstances like yours I recommend people ‘don’t’ spend any energy on trying to work out what the entity is. It could be a demon, or it could be a nature spirit playing games, in either case, I would have your house cleared. You can do that in three ways – ask the minister of your local church to bless you and your home, have a medium come in who specialises in energy clearing and have them clear it, or you could use the Michael Invocation, found under Pages at the bottom of this page, to do the same. The instructions are on the webpage itself, and if you have questions you can ask them here, or through an email link on the site.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra (demonologist)

Hi Angela

its legs bent its knees were by itโ€™s head it had a long tongue and really long teeth

From that description, it makes me think of a gargoyle, only; having a bad tooth day!!!

First off; This doesn’t sound like a demon to me, as demons tend NOT to do parlour tricks – that is usually the reserve of spirit such as ghosts or daemons. On the contrary fallen angels work ‘inside’ your head to confuse and torment, rather than ‘outside’ by desplaying visual spooky pranks.

I agree with Ama – don’t waste time and energy trying to find out what it is, rather get pro-active and arrange for a priest, or someone non-church related who is trained and experienced at clearing energy, to come round to your home and remove the rascally rascal.

But most important of all; do not live in fear of it. Don’t give it that satisfaction. ‘They’ only put on desplays like these to get your attention. It’s like having a naughty child around. So send it away with a thick ear.


Greetings to all!!

Thanks CT for getting this site up and going again, I’ve missed it and all of you wonderful peeps ๐Ÿ™‚

Just read your post AJ and what do you mean by fallen angels work โ€˜insideโ€™ your head to confuse and torment, rather than โ€˜outsideโ€™ by desplaying visual spooky pranks? … if you could explain the difference for me plz lol… because I can see visions inside my head very clearly, just out of the blue and not even thinking about anything at the time, especially in the shower.. know that sounds silly, but see a lot when I have my eyes closed and in the shower.


Hi Lisa

Don’t worry – I’m talking about psychology, not visions. They twist a persons thought processes. For example, a person affected by the deomonic may change character to such an extent that that person would be deemed (to the outside world) as being extremely mentally ill … or muderous … or whatever.

Demonic influence is the exact opposite of Godly influence. Where God brings piece and harmony to the mind, the fallen brings chaos.

Hope I’ve explained


Ahh ok, I do understand that, thank you much, if I may ask, what would you say are these visions that sometimes flash inside my head, more like if you took drawings and frame by frame flip through the pages, I sometimes see people, or some disturbing images, scary at times, Ive seem them animated like the flipping through pages I mentioned or just an up close flash.
I think that there are so many types of spirits constantly around us that if we were able to see them all with the natural eye we would be completely over come. I have had conversations with people who don’t believe in such things, but almost every one of them have had something even minute to happen they could not explain, the OP said they saw what they thought was a demon, and it invoked fear and fear is what demons can feed on, so do you think sometimes they use tricks like this by using other spirits to bring on fear and eventually allow an opening to work their way in… ? … I am better at thought then putting it in writing, hope you can understand what Im trying to say..I am truly a novice but I am trying to learn and understand some things that have been with me for years but up until a few years ago felt comfortable exploring them because it isnt so taboo as it was not so many years ago.. thanks


Hi again Lisa, ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your comment, and agree with it (“Ahh ok, I do understand that, thank you much….”) Here’s some of my additions thoughts ..

I had about two years of visions, on and off, where I think I relived every war between the Romans and anyone else they chose to fight. I used to work out who the opposing group was by their helmets, or lack of them, or facepaint or clothes. The scenes, with sound at times, were there all day long, even if I only blinked. No, I didn’t think I was going nuts, but it was very strange .. and then it stopped.

In York Minster, one quiet afternoon, on my only visit to the town, I watched Jesus being crucified on the cross, in front of a very pretty stained glass window, and no it wasn’t easter or some appropriate date. Luckily I was sitting down for that one (during Evensong I think), as it ripped me up emotionally to see it. When I do rescue work I often ‘see’ the ‘hell’ that the ghosts have bound themselves in. It helps me understand how to reach them and drag them out of it. Sometimes when I ‘work’ in my sleep I wake up with film clips running through my mind at high speed, with images that would make horror movie writers clap their hands with delight – and yet I don’t feel as though I’ve been dreaming.

Ok, so I am totally weird, this I have known for a very long time :-). The spiritual planes are a place we do not know, nor do we truly understand it. Lots of people invent what they believe they are, and some might be right and others wrong. The planes of ‘heaven’, by whatever name you want to know it, are ‘all things to all people’, have no true form, and cannot be separated from this plane/planet, because we are also part of all of it, all the time.

So when you see truly weird things, they might have been real somewhere, sometime, or they might be future events (but we hope not). Time and space is a circle/spiral surrounding us all, enclosing us, existing within us and outside us, and we are simply part of the ‘illusion’ that we call reality.

And yes, spirits are around us all the time, and they would be overwhelming to folks who couldn’t normally see them .. but also .. astral entities also exist, some in shapes that would frighten the hell into people, and yet they are mostly harmless. There is more to the ‘world/universe’ than any of us can truly know .. and its all fascinating. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace

Hi Lisa

Because visions can be rather complex, but fascinating to discuss, I’ve put forward a new question on the topic.

That said, I think Ama’s pretty much covered your question – lol!


Hey guys,

Lisa, fallen angel are demons. For the most part demons don’t want people to know their victim is being harassed, until they can completely take over their human mind, or try to. A flash of fright, which most people give off when they see a ghost, is not nearly enough for them. Demons are usually subtle, they start as a small nasty voice, odd unexplainable little things happen around people – so that they start to doubt their sanity .. it only really escalates when they have a firmer control over the person. And there is no guarantee that someone won’t see a being with its tongue hanging out as ‘funny’, given the mindset of most kids these days ๐Ÿ™‚ – and anyone who loves horror movies.

I have always seen visions in my minds, single images, film strips frame by frame, and whole movies. The shower is a great place for it, because water (= emotion on a metaphysical level) is a greater ‘carrier’ for messages. I do a lot of talking to my angels, and God/Spirit there.

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace

Based on your explanation he had been a demon. you are a brave woman which have could tolerate seeing that demon lonely. Well, what happened afterward? didn’t repeat that encountering again ?

dear Angela,
i read your post a couple of months ago but was too afraid to reply as i don’t live far from you and your story scared the crap out of me. if i were you, i would hire people who specialize in demonology, go to church every Sunday and pray for the safety and sanity of your family. i have never had an experience such as yours but close. how have you been doing? did you try the Michael Invocation and White Light Sheilds? please let us know how you are doing, Angela.

I do not get the sense that this is a bad spirit. I hate to see a lot of talk about demons which seems to be the in thing. People are good and bad on this plain and on the other side. I do not intuitively get a sense that this is a problem spirit.

go to church and tell the father thats in the church to pray for you and your house so the demon will go