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Spirit Needing Approval

A friend of mine who says she can see spirits, says I have woman spirit that lingers around the outside of my home. She says it won’t come in my home because it wants my approval first she said my energy is to strong for it to come in on its own.

I only have a few women who I’m connected – mother, grandmother, and aunts with and are all alive but we don’t talk due to disagreements and family issues.

My wife had a baby sister who committed suicide in 09 at the age of 12. But my friend said woman not child. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Respectfully sent,
Elijah Lee

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Hi Elijah Lee

Do NOT give permission for any ghost to come into your house. A spirit doesn’t need permission to visit you, particularly a family member, but a ghost might think they do .. and think you are also giving permission for them to enter your aura as it is your ‘home’ in a way, as well. Instead, ask your angels to ‘find’ the ghost that you were told about and ‘take’ them into ‘healing’, which is where they need to be, rather than being trapped on earth. You don’t have to believe in angels to do this .. they believe in us.

Love & Peace

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