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What Is Happening To Me And Why?

For the last 8 years I have been experiencing this but I never had someone to ask that what it was.

Sometimes I get violent like something had entered inside my body and I start hurting people. I bruised my mom once. Sometimes I predict things even without thinking hard on it and they come true.

My family members think I am psychic but it got worse. When I was staring at a chandelier and it broke off.

What is wrong with me? Why is it so? Who is doing this? Please help me!

Asked by mansimran

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Hi Mansimran

Have you stared at anything else and had it fall off the wall – were you mad at the chandelier, or someone in the room .. or were you just idly willing it to fall to the floor? That’s a gift called telekinesis .. of a sort anyway .. the ability to move objects .. otherwise the lights just fell down .. if they are not secured strongly enough they will do that, even after hanging there for a long time. It might have had nothing to do with you.

Are there memorable events from eight years ago that might have either damaged your aura or allowed some entity to enter it? Were you in an accident, did you die, were you playing with an ouija board? Did you go ghost hunting? Was there some other sort of traumatic event?

As for losing your temper and getting violent – those actions could be based in an emotional issue, rather than an entity .. what happens to you, how do you feel, do you blank out, does it happen during an argument, or just unexpectedly? You could go to a counsellor and sort out your emotional issues .. or anger management classes?

Predications .. I do predictions. The gift is called clairvoyance (clear vision), or clairaudience (which is when you ‘hear’ what is going to happen, rather than see it). There’s also an inner ‘knowing’, that pops up .. they are all tools to protect ourselves, from a time when humanity was far more primitive. They can appear when a person is possessed, but since half the planet seems to have those gifts to varying degrees these days, and true possession is very, very rare, its more likely to be a ‘gift’ rather than a demon.

I would appreciate you answering my questions, because you haven’t told us very much of your circumstances.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

whenever I concentrate on things … something happens to them ..just like the chandelier.. eight years ago, my parents tried to kill me… that’s the only important thing I remember ..and all that about being violent…it just happens unexpectedly.. after it happens I don’t even remember what I did..then the people who suffered from it tell me ..

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