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What Type Of Spirit?

We live in a single family home in St. Johns County Florida. The home is only 4 years old and we have lived here just over a year. During our time here we have had some very unusual and sometimes disturbing events take place.

It started about 8 months ago, I had given my 2 year old daughter a Monkey puppet for Christmas and we enjoyed playing with the monkey, it was one of her favorite toys. While I was out of town on business, I received a call from my wife, very upset, that the monkey had been placed in one location and then without being touched, moved to another. She became concerned and placed the puppet in the new washing machine with the door securely closed for the night. The next morning the washing machine door was open and the monkey was in a different position. When I came home I placed the monkey in a plastic white trash bag and placed it in a cabinet. The next morning I checked on it and one of the arms was broken through the stretch plastic bag, it was a hole that was created from the inside by the tear pattern. There was also another spot near by where you could see an obvious stretch pattern in the bag where it had tried to break through. We disposed of the puppet but not the visitor.

My 2 year old would say she could see a creature sitting in the corner by the front entrance on multiple occasions. We brought in a local paranormal investigator who smudged the home and yard as well as the local Catholic priest to bless our home. This seemed to work for a couple weeks but then things started happening again. My 14 year old daughter was in the shower and a 2′ x 3′ floor storage cabinet moved away from the wall, she was distraught. We smudge the home every couple months.

Recently my daughter and wife have heard scratching and movement in the crawl space above the house. I inspected the crawl space and inspected the soffit for any damage and point of outside entry, everything was secure as it is a newer home. I placed a wireless security camera in the attic, no further scratching was heard. Recently a TV remote went missing, we searched the house and it was nowhere to be found.

Three days later, it appeared on the top of a 3′ tall book rack in the TV room as obvious as the nose on your face. My entire family had searched for this remote and it had been nowhere to be seen. Two nights ago my daughter was watching TV at night, in the reflection of a large glass patio window she saw for a flash, a creature about 3 feet tall hunched over, very long, skinny limbs, no visible face with long greasy black hair scratching at the floor. That same evening, my now 3 year old said she saw a figure in her bedroom bathroom, when my wife asked her what it wanted, she said it wanted a snack, it s hungry. She had stated it wanted a snack on prior sightings as well.

My 14 year old drew an image of what she had briefly seen and did a google image search, it returned with Wendigo. This very much concerned us when we considered my 3 year old had said it wanted a snack.

Can you please help us to understand what is going on here and what we have interfering in our lives. Any thoughts or suggestions for solution are appreciated.

Asked by Tom Przy

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Hi Tom,

In the last three or four generations some of our children have been born with a gift of clairvoyance, or second sight, which allows them to see what most adults don’t .. and that includes some truly scary looking nature spirits (elementals), who will hang around and disturb the quiet living space of humans, particularly if the humans build their houses over land the nature spirits believe is theirs.

If you do what I did, and look up wendigos on google, the descriptions are downright creepy, but since your little girl doesn’t appear to be being tormented by the entity, I think you really only need to clear your home, with something more effective than smudging, and, because its not a demon, something that will help, when the blessing of the church generally won’t. You see, regardless of what people want to believe, nature spirits (elementals) are not harmful to humans, nor are they of the ‘dark’. It was good of the priest to bless your home, but since he wasn’t dealing with ghosts or demons ..

In many cases, what I would do, is go into whatever room the entity is most seen, and explain that it is inside the house of human beings, and ask it respectfully to go back outside. The problem is .. as I wrote before, we build our houses on their land and expect them to respect our space .. when we have no respect for theirs. But elementals are far more visible now than they were, even 10 years ago .. so learning to live in peace with all the animals, and elementals, around is is very important.

In the meantime, if you scroll down this webpage you will find a link through to the Michael Invocation. It is designed to remove elementals of many kinds, so first read the instructions on the webpage, then say it for your daughter, and then say it again for your home. That should settle things down.

If things don’t settle down, write here again and we’ll see what else we can do.

Love & Peace

So .. don’t feed it. It’s food is outdoors.