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A Little Girl Or Something Much More Devious?

Hi, I’m Alexis and I have an issue. First off, my problem has to do with my house I currently live in. I know it isn’t too uncommon, but I think there are lost souls and/or entities in my house. More specificity, I think there might be either two lost souls in my house or a lost soul and entity.

I don’t think that the ghost or soul or whatever you want to call it is evil or a negative entity, but the soul of a little girl. I know I might sound a little bit crazy, and that’s fine, but I’m serious. After much thinking and reflecting on the more logical side of this all, it makes sense. You see, right when I moved into my house, even though I tried to overlook it, weird stuff started to happen to me and other family members living with me right when we moved in to the house. The weird part is that this little girl ghost/soul has never really tried to scare me. I tried to tell them once when I felt a presence that I respected that they might have used to live there or is still stuck here, and that if you were stuck here that they can go and be free and just a generally encouraging message and also told them that as long as they left ME alone, we were cool. But it seems that recently, they have taken a liking to making their presence known to me and to my friends in multiple ways that, in a way, breaks our agreement. At the time, I thought that if I said that, The spirit would respect my wishes and move on, but this seems to have does the complete opposite.

Now the activity in my house seems to have increased a little more every day. The spirit ( little girl) has respected my wishes to leave ME alone in a sense, but my friends always say that they see this little girl spirit behind me appearing to look at me while we FaceTime. My one friend, who I’ll call Sally for the sake of her privacy, told me that once while we were face timing that there was a little girl behind me looking at me, or appearing to, then I moved the screen a little to the left, then back, and she was gone. Then my other friend, We’ll call her Hailey again for the sake of her privacy, told me once that the little girl was just behind me for a brief moment and then disappeared. I know people lie about stupid stuff to scare others, but what I have to take into consideration is that Sally didn’t tell me of this little girl she had seen until Hailey finally told me that she just saw this little girl while face timing.

Another factor that also needs to be thought about is that I asked both Sally and Hailey for any facial features they noticed and they BOTH said that her face was blurry. Once again, I know they could be lying, but what are the odds that they would be going through all this trouble just to scare me? It doesn’t make sense, and even though we’re all still young and stupid and immature, my friends are not those friends who love to scare their other friends for FUN. The reason I am, in a sense, ‘defending’ my friends and their case is because I have told my parents about the girl that visits or is bound to my room and they think that I’m just the victim of my friend’s lies. They think that I have just been watching too many scary things on YouTube and are skeptics to the absolute T. They tell everyone that I see this little girl in my room and they also think I’m crazy and that my friends are just trying to scare me. I realize that at this point I might just be scaring myself at times, but truthfully I do feel a presence in my room specifically and at this point the only people that believe me are my close friends ‘Sally’ and ‘Hailey’. I also think that there is another entity or spirit that visits occasionally, but I haven’t felt anything outside of my room for a while now, and only the little girl goes in my room, the other spirit goes all over the house and whatnot.

Anyway, I really hope that this isn’t anything serious or something that could be hurting or tainting my energy since my skeptic parents are sure to not believe me. Any advice you have for me is greatly appreciated, at this point I don’t know how I can get any other help.

I realize that I probably left out a lot of smaller details like why the little girl spirit visits my room only, or seems to. My room is the only guest bedroom, my house has two bedrooms, the master and the guest, so that’s why I think she is bound to the room because if she has ever lived there that would have had to have been her room.

Asked by Alexis

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Hi Alexis,

The girl might be bound to the room, to the house, or even to you, since she appears to spend time with you where your friends can see her. She’s a ghost, given her behaviour, and is making a problem of herself in the rest of the house. Since the problem appears to be escalating, she’s probably gaining more energy .. which will come from you or your family. The energy ghosts draw is core energy, which can lead their victims to feeling more tired than usual, or liable to get sick more often. It can also affect a person’s state of mind .. so watch for changes like that, if you want to keep the ghost around.

I don’t recommend that you make that choice, but instead, use something like the Michael Invocation to cross her into a place of healing, so she can find the peace she needs, and all the energy, without affecting living people. The link to the Invocation is just down this webpage. It’s easy to use, and truly does help. Would you like to be trapped outside of healing, of the most beautiful place you have ever seen, when someone could simply open a door to let you through?

Love & Peace