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What Is This Creature?

This happened when I was 14. One day I was in the backyard at 11 in the night playing with my dog during the summer. It was normal as it usually was when I played with my dog throwing around a stick when my dog stopped and started growling and looking at something in the back of my rather large yard. When I noticed this I looked and immediately saw what my dog was growling at.

A creature about 4 foot tall shaped like a tombstone and slightly pinkish purple with hair covering its entire body. I was stunned and confused about if it was a bush until it made this high pitched gurgling sound. When it made this sound both me and my dog ran inside.

I waited 1 hour before I had the courage to go back outside to investigate. When I inspected there were footprints in the grass that were about the size of a size 9 shoe and a break in the fence. I have not seen the thing return since.

Do any of you guys know what this creature was?

Asked by Fox

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My opinion on this is that it is some sort of creature from the elemental kingdom, otherwise known as fairy or faerie. The reason I’m thinking it isn’t from another planet is the feet. The fae are the only creatures I have experienced with close to human feet. Though I admit I have not experienced this creature in form I would love to talk to you more about it if you are open.

Hi Fox,

You raise some interesting questions.

The colour is a little odd for this planet, when is mostly greens and browns. It is possible that Marcia is correct in saying that its an elemental (nature spirit), they can look very odd.

In the meantime, ‘shaped like a tomb stone’ .. flat, pointed or rounded top .. did it have limbs, or a face? It had feet, if the footsteps were made by it. Could it have been a child in dress-up clothing? In the dark we can sometimes mistake a simple thing for something truly odd.

Love & Peace