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What Kind Of Entities Can Cross Over A Circle Of Salt?

What kind of entities can cross over a circle of salt?

We have pics of something that looks like alligator or reptile drag tail marks across my daughters circle of salt for protection… She made it thick so the impressions are very distinct. It is very unnerving because she lives in Alaska so am not sure there are many reptiles that could live there or survive… even in her apt.

My grandson seems to have a visitor at night because my daughter will get up and hear him talking and playing peek a boo with something. He is a little over a year old… so needless to say my daughter is a bit unglued by this and now the ring of salt being disturbed multiple times in one night.

Any help would be appreciated.


a concerned grandpa…

Asked by Zei Cramer

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Hello Zei,

A living entity such as the lizard you mentioned will quite happily ignore a circle of salt. The salt is supposed to protect people from negative astral entities, not the four legged variety. I did a quick search on the net for ‘lizards in alaska’ and found, so yes they exist. As to why its in the house .. given the weather, it might like being warmer.

Your grandson talking to himself, laughing and playing .. sounds good to me. Could be his guardian angel, could be a friendly spirit or ghost, could be a fairy (elemental being), or he could simply have an make-believe friend. Lots of children have invisible ‘friends’, and as long as he’s happy .. I really don’t think its something to worry about.

Why has your daughter laid down a circle of salt, and where? What happened to make her do that, if it isn’t just her son’s playing games?

Love & Peace

well seems what ever it is is keeping him up at night alot and also seems she has been scratched and cut a few times.. and she has made note to me that she has heard something whisper in her ear that “he is mine” so she did around the house and inside his room .. she has some other pics of what looks like something has blown the salt away from the circle to make a gap in it.. also his toys seem to activate by themselves alot at odd times… and they have had others AKA Miltary Men see a dark shadow that makes them feel wrong when they see it… they have bells on the doors and those have been seen and heard moving when the shadow is near them… now these men are all Army and have good solid heads on their shoulders and no drugs or alcohol were involved … her hubby is a medic and they dont allow drinking in the house with my grandson around and he doesnt tolerate legal or illegal drug abuse… so i am at a loss as to what is going on… the tail marks i figured could be some small animal rodent or reptile.. but having the salt actually blown away in spots has me at a loss completely.. they have a very well insulated home and no drafts of anykind…. and she says they do have things moved from where they are at and placed somewhere else in odd spots.. for example his car keys disappeared and a few days later she went to get a bowl from one of her cabinets that is above the fridge and found them there…so yeah grandpa is kind of at a loss and feeling a bit helpless and maybe more powerless at the moment LOL and thats not a good feeling as a parent and a grandparent… she also did a sage smudge and said that seemed to calm things down a bit for a day but that was it…

and many thanks for any info and also what you have given me

Zei Cramer

Truthfully, the house sounds haunted, and while not all ghosts are nasty, they should all be in heaven of some kind, rather than hanging around on earth.

A circle of salt, when laid down as a protection, should not be able to be blown away, but I don’t recommend it as a form of protection, simply because ants and other insects can break it .. and eventually it melts away.

At the bottom of this page are links to two webpages. The first is the Michael Invocation. Ask your daughter to check that one out, and use it to clear the energy of her home. The second is white light shields. I do recommend them to her, particularly as your grandson is a sensitive, and your daughter is waking up scratched and hearing ‘whispers’. Obviously the boy has inherited the gift from her. The instructions are on the pages, and explanations for why we use them.

If your daughter is living on a military base they often get haunted for various good reasons, and ghosts draw other entities into the site. Clearing the energy of her home, and shielding it, will help a lot.

To me that is a practical action in a metaphysical situation. We might not see the shields, but we certainly sense they help, and the Invocation does make a difference to the energy of a person’s home.

They will all be fine.

Love & Peace

Thank you so very much for the help and info is very much appreciated… i had heard something about the Michael Invocation before…but i am feeling much better about it now.. 🙂

Thank you and blessings,


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