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Tiny Feet On The Deck And Static Shocks

I’ve been looking on internet if is any relation with static shocks and spirits.

Everything starts to happened after we saw with my husband one morning when we woke up tiny feet marks on the deck… the funny part was that all the wood deck was wet because of the dew but this little feet they where dry, close to my sons toys. When the wood went dry the feet disappeared. One week later the same feet and some more again with a spot like when liquid fall to the floor. That day rain all day and the spot and feet they remain there until the next day, they disappeared again.

We are living here in the same house since 2 years already and we never saw that on the deck before.

I almost forgot, something weird, all the feet they had in the center of it two lines on the side of the feet and dots in the middle. I took photos because i never saw something like that.

So I was wondering if someone knows what that could be and if is something related to the static. Sorry about my English if is something wrong, my mother language is Spanish.

Asked by Joe

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Hello Joe,

Questions first ..

How big were the footprints? How tall do you think the little entity was that made them? Did they look human (round heel and 5 toes)? You can actually post the photo on the site for us to look at.

Were the footprints in the same location exactly each time you saw them? They might have been marked by oil of some kind, that would repel water.

My first thought is an animal or an elemental being (who are curious about all sorts of things), so if you would answer the questions for me that would help.

Love & Peace

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