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  1. September 1, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Ama Nazra


    Hello Nicole,

    In my experience a ghost, who is earthbound, makes a living person feel very cold, and often frightened. They do this because they drain the life force from the living to ‘survive’.

    A spirit, who has crossed into heaven and comes back for a visit, can make a person feel nervous, but usually they leave a ‘warm’ feeling, a feeling of love, behind them, because they are part of our family and do not mean us harm, nor do they need to ‘take’ anything from the living.

    The orb .. the colour, in my opinion, means the energy came from a person’s solar plexus chakra. The size might mean the energy was created from a very strong person, or a number of people where the energy has gathered together. We don’t actually know much about spirit orbs, but that is my speculation. A ‘spirit’ orb usually appears to have its own internal light source (radiating out) and have a thicker ‘wall’ around the rim, otherwise it is created from the flash reflecting on dust, water or bugs at night. If the bug is yellow, or the flash is, that might have created the colour.

    Can an entity move a helium balloon .. some ghosts can move chairs, so a balloon is not going to be much of a problem. A person, through their own will, can make a balloon move too .. that’s called telekinesis. Spirits have no problem moving things since their energy comes from a different ‘Source’.

    Love & Peace

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