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What Does It Mean When You Feel Your Heart Sink?

What does it mean when you do/say/think something, and then you feel your heart “sink” or also when you feel pain in your heart?

It’s as if your heart sunk inside and it feels heavy and dark.

Asked by Micle

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Hi Ama,

This might be a dead end since I forgot what I was specifically thinking the last time I felt it “sink”. All I know is that i was thinking about a person and then I felt this big sinking feeling in my heart.

Hi Micle,

It could just be a sign of nervous tension, or dread .. but since nothing sad or not good has happened to anyone around you I don’t think that would be the issue.

It can also be a sign of your blood sugar levels dropping, or occur from a sense of guilt about something? Lots of reasons.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

Maybe it was dread? I’m unsure, next time I’ll watch for any more thoughts and feelings going on. Thank you!

Sorry for popping up, Micle but your question is perfect because I feel the same.

Ama, please I need your help. I speak with hatred towards a family member because of a lot of things that happened between us. A couple of moments later (after I declare my hatred towards her), I feel guilty & keep wondering about my soul & how to don’t end up in Hell once I pass over.

It’s not real hatred, it’s more like I wanna punish that person with words but I realize that the only one being punished is me. I would love to know a way to stop the anger exploding as a real one (because of the negativity entities that I might attract unconsciously every time I “explode”.)

I certainly don’t want to confess this to the person because deep down, I still care for her feelings towards me. (Most of the time, I can say “we’re in good mood” (mainly, I feel love towards her)).

Of course, she doesn’t need much for me to express my anger. It only takes a meaningless argument, something that’s not supposed to be there for me to vent and say horrible things.

What can I do? Please help me to heal my soul.

Love & Peace

Hi Marina,

The first thing I want to say is that hell is a home for demons, and you are not one .. so stop worrying about ending up there, or you might create it as an illusion around you after you die .. and then Micle will have to ‘rescue’ you, or me .. and we don’t want to do that. We want everyone to go directly to heaven. 🙂

Next, stop poisoning yourself with hatred for another person, pretend or otherwise. If the person does not know you feel that way, the only one to suffer is you, as you know. If the person does know, and feels the same way, you both suffer. It seems like such a waste of energy, that could be turned towards good. And its really not good karma, even if there are no actions behind the words. Karma has a habit of giving us exactly what we focus on, so if we expect pain and arguments, we usually get them.

So that you will realise that I am not being ‘holier than thou’, let me give you an example. There was a time, a bit over a year ago, where I raging with anger and pain directed towards people who were deliberately choosing to harm myself and some of my friends. The whole situation was incredibly toxic, and so I made the painful choice to walk away from it .. and then had to deal with all my emotions. I was deeply hurt and disillusioned by a lot of the events .. producing tons of negativity, and the sense of helplessness twisted me in knots and started to ruin my life.

I fought .. oh, how I fought .. not them, but Me. Not them, but my ego – that screamed like a small child, demanding Justice, the right to be HEARD and vindicated, knowing I might never have it. And I feared that I would lose my friends, have them move away from where we all live, because they too suffered from the outrageous lies and gossip the villains had spread about us.

Even now when I am very sorry it all happened, I occasionally still want to reach out and smack a few people, but I buried the knife in the ground, point down, and covered it with earth. I don’t mean a literal knife, but the symbol of my ego’s need for … what … hmm… blood .. or an apology or five, from them.

I don’t generally hold grudges. I don’t generally obsess over past hurts. I have learned to forgive and let go, so the struggle with this one has been enormous, but I treat it in the same way I deal with every action that requires forgiveness (by myself or others), I work at it a little at a time. Kind of like this:

Think of an onion .. It makes you cry when you peel it and break it into pieces or slice it. You can strip it down to the core, a layer at a time – and you might weep and wish you didn’t have to do it – but the core is where the true sweetness is, the heart of the matter, and comes with a sense of peace – well worth working towards.

So being Forgiving is like peeling the onion. The acid bite is mostly on the outside, those first few layers where you really don’t WANT TO DO IT .. let go and forgive, or forgive and let go .. but you do it anyway, because you know the outcome will be best for you in the long run .. and you won’t hurt so much anymore, and the triggers to the anger will fade, and they do fade. So I treated my unforgiveness like an onion, with a sharp knife in my hand, and I cleared it away, a layer at a time, until I thought I had almost healed it, and then went back into the situation .. where I was greeted with open arms by the same people (I admit I checked their hands for more knives when they reached out) and then I buried the (metaphysical)knife, point down, in the land under the building – but I still guard my back. I learned many lessons, one of which was .. you can forgive people and let go, but, knowing human nature, it might not always be wise to forget.

For you – perhaps ask yourself why the lady makes you so angry? Not ‘I feel angry at “Lady” because …’ but focus on her words or actions.

In other words, something like “Jane’s sarcasm (whatever it is that triggers you) makes me feel angry because I do not like being judged as failing at something”. It is a way of working out why you feel the way you do when you get angry. Most anger has its foundation in pain or fear. Then you might notice that your reactions are now directed at her words or actions, not the lady herself. Mind you, if she walks into the room and your hackles rise, it could be a clash of energy, not just personality .. some auras (energy fields around everyone) do not mix well, even if the people are related, so keeping a bit of polite distance can be helpful.

But, as you said, you really love her .. so what is it she is doing that is triggering your pain and fear? What will you lose by being nice to her – and I mean genuinely nice, regardless of her behaviour? Imagine the surprise on her face when you don’t argue in the usual way .. wouldn’t that feel good. 🙂

In treating her in a loving manner, will you feel disempowered? That leads to the question of why we give people so much power over us in the first place? Because that is what we do when we lose our tempers .. we hand them control over our responses .. because we are no longer in control. Has the lady done anything to earn this gift from you? Is this not a good reason for asking yourself ‘why’ you respond the way you do .. rather than letting her get the upper-hand each time?

I know one of the reasons why I still hurt is because I liked one of the villains very much. She could have been a good friend .. and the puzzle of why she believed the things that were said about me, and the others, is still with me. I see her and don’t know whether to slap her or hug her .. but there’s almost nothing left to forgive there, because we all make mistakes – so it is the ego/child in me reaction. I just need time to heal .. and time does heal, when we let it.

As to negative entities .. they should have eaten me for dinner. Thankfully, we all have a guardian angel standing behind our right shoulder, from the group called Michael. They are specifically trained to protect our spirits, but have to have permission to help us protect our bodies. We can ask them, and the Raphael, who are the healing angels, to help us find the peace and healing we seek .. but we have to ask in a genuine manner, and not just flare up over and over again, because we disempower them by not being forgiving. The angels cannot interfere in human free will, and if we willingly remain angry .. they can’t help at all. We have to be willing to change, to let go, to be free again .. because anger and hatred are two chains our souls should not have to carry. I know I feel so much lighter once I put mine down.

And then I think of this:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Sometimes all we can do is just LOVE anyway .. and keep our distance, if that is the only solution.

Love & Peace

Hi Marina,

It’s totally fine! Anyone can come in and answer! 🙂

Hi Ama,

That was a great answer for Marina! It connected to my recent heart pain I just had. I was playing a video game and in the game I buying a refrigerator for my character, when I suddenly got a heart pain as if some hand was grabbing my chest and squeezing painfully. The only thoughts I really had around that time were “cheap refrigerator, I am going to buy this refrigerator” and that’s about it. The connection to the your answer to Marina was the serenity prayer- a crystal therapist I once had gave me that prayer to use and she was the one that I said I liked her crystals because they were “cheap”! She corrected me and said, “affordable”.

Hi Ama & Micle!

Thanks for both of your answers (& the little chuckles you gave me in parts of it).

I knew I had work to do but gosh! What a homework, Ama! I’m really sorry for your experience and I’m happy for your healing. By the way, is there any special prayer to use for my guardian angel? I’m thinking of the Michael prayer.

Now, I’m asking myself (and your help): how can I get rid of that founding comment (that’s always in my mind) from 24 years ago? That silly comment (and me reacting in the way she wanted), has led me to build up pain over and over again in my soul & heart. I’m trapped in an unending circle with that comment (and the most recent (years now but still fresh in my memory) offense towards the consensus we had as a family regarding pets.) That comment is only the foundation but the unending circle is follow by the other actions I saw her doing towards me.

Every day, I go to her house (we live in the same ground but in two different houses) and I don’t feel her presence is what triggers me. Like I said, they’re words/actions. It’s feels like I always have to be defensive just in case.

Having to tell you this, it felt like painful liberating. I always feel that way when I tell the most trusted persons I have about this situation. Is that good?

Anyways, I know how to pray but I certainly don’t know how to ask my guardian angel for help. I really hope that he/she (or it?) knows I’m sincere with my petition.

Love & Peace to both of you

Hi Marina,

In general, what I do for forgiveness now is that 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening), I say (outloud or in my head) “I forgive everyone who has hurt me” and “I forgive myself” and I say those two sentences 3 times each. Just today, I added back in saying those same sentences as well whenever I find myself being bitter about the past, getting angry, anything that I feel needs forgiveness. So it’s something I’ll have to keep my mind alert about. Maybe you could try that? You can even be more specific and say “I forgive (insert persons name here) for hurting me”. It works the same.

I also know you can try mirror work, which in this case you look into a mirror and forgive the person who has hurt you. Say it to the reflection as if they were standing right there in the mirror looking at you, look straight into your own eye and imagine as if you’re staring into their eyes, if you can. Go ahead and forgive them there.

I also used to say every morning when I wake up “Archangel Michael, clear, heal, and balance all my energy. Remove anything that is not there for my greater good.” It’s simple and effective, maybe you could start there. Archangel Michael doesn’t do the healing part because he’s not a healing angels, but Archangel Raphael does.

Thanks for the tips, Micle. I’ll certainly start doing them & I can vary them considering you gave me 3 different ways.

I’m really happy by that coincidence since I really love the number 3 (it’s the only odd number I’m fond of).

Can I replace the “Archangel Michael” for “Raphael” in the last tip & it’d work too? Or it has to be as you said? Just wondering.

Hi Marina,

The Michael Invocation is a request for help to clear your energy of negative and/or unwanted interference. Personally, when I want to speak with the Michael angels around me .. I just talk, because I know they listen to every word I say, and they have permission to listen to my thoughts and respond to them. If I did not give them permission to listen and respond to my thoughts, they would hear them but not necessarily acknowledge that they did, nor act as they deemed fit. Free will is a very complicated subject, and our free will can stop the angels from acting, even for our greater good.

So, I ask the angels for help, particularly in my more emotional moments – but also with the simple things, and daft ones, for instance, the Michael will tell me jokes while I wash dishes, to take my mind off the subject and make it all go by faster. LOL It’s a silly thing, but nice too.

Micle has given you some good ideas – simple ways to do things. If anything I might broaden the idea of forgiving another person directly for hurting me .. unless the hurt was literally physical, I might change the request to ‘Archangel Raphael, help me to forgive myself for allowing the words/actions of (name the person) to hurt me’. You see, we always have two choices when people are unkind to us – we can take on what they say and let it hurt our feelings, or we can recognise that the person is also hurting in some way, and forgive them instantly .. and not take their words/actions personally, but as a manifestation of their pain and fear. It’s about taking personal responsibility for everything that we do, feel and think – a tough lesson but a good one to learn.

The mirror work is good too .. because, even though we might be visualising someone else in the mirror, we are forgiving ourselves in the process.

When we ask AA Michael to heal us, s/he/it speaks to our Raphael and they do the work. The angels were created very specific to their assigned tasks, and that has not changed since their creation. It is only humans that can change and grow, and create joy or havoc .. it is our role as the being called the ‘spirit of humanity’, a collective consciousness of billions of parts living the illusion of separation.

Yes, you can replace AA Raphael in any request for healing, and AA Michael if you ask the Raphael to help or save you – but they know the routine, so they act according to their natures, regardless of whether we muddle up the request or not. They ‘read’ our hearts and can follow our ‘intent’ .. thank heavens.

Having answered the last two messages, let me go back to the other comment you wrote …

How to let go of something you have clutched tightly to your chest for the past 24 years and used to cause yourself a huge amount of pain, and probably cause the other lady a huge amount also .. forgive yourself for holding on so tight, and forgive her for saying it. Remember the onion, we forgive one layer at a time. Each time the thought comes to mind, to remind you to remain living in pain, tell yourself you have already forgiven yourself and her .. there’s a saying I like ‘fake it until you make it’. The first time you say it you might not believe it, but over time, and it can be as short a time as you let yourself do this, you will find that you actually have let go and forgiven. Then one day you’ll realise its been a long time since you remembered that thought, or those words .. and when you do, they don’t really hurt anymore .. instead you feel sorry for having felt that way for so long .. and then you will be free.

It might sound impossible, but it works. Keep it simple. BE FORGIVENESS.

Is it good to let go of pain and anger, always. It is part of our spiritual growth to become strong enough to recognise when someone lashes out in hurt, even when that someone is ourselves. By letting go we set ourselves, and anyone else involved, free. You see, while you still react in anger, you hurt yourself, the other lady, and anyone else who knows about the situation, or simply hears and feels your angry when you react. There’s another good reason for finding peace, and having it work between you. Like a pebble tossed into a pond, the choice of forgiveness with ripple out through many people lives … not just your own.

Love & Peace should be the only unending emotions .. with them we could change the world.

One step at a time,

Thanks again for your words, Ama. They’re written wisdom to me. Also, with every comment I read in this page, I feel more at peace.

Understood about the AA Michael and Raphael switch.

Love & Peace

Hi Marina,

I thought of these other things you might be able to do. You can shield yourself, and then dump all your anger and negative emotions at your feet. When you are done, ask Archangel Raphael to take the negative emotions you dumped out and then to transform it all into healing energy, and then ask him to either give the healing energy he made to you or to someone else who needs it. I do this every day now and I love the clean feeling I feel in my tummy 🙂

Also, with your shields, you can ask your shields to put a few mirrors on the inside of themselves that will reflect all of your negative energy and all of your problems into the ground. That way, your anger and negative energy won’t be felt as much by other people.
If you need help in making the shields, you can ask Archangel Michael, “Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now.” Or, scroll down this page onto “Pages” and follow the instructions on the White Light Shields section.