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Are These Signs I Am Being Haunted?

I have had some weird things happening to me, and I strongly believe that it is something paranormal.

Anytime I go through a certain small hallway in my home, something weird happens. At the end of the hallway there is 2 doors, one leads to my bedroom and the other leads to a closet with old kid’s toys and Halloween decorations/costumes, and there is a mirror mounted on the wall.

The other morning, I was walking into my bedroom around 5:30am, I caught my eye in the mirror and it looked like my face wasn’t my own. It was dark, and it could’ve been my eyes playing tricks on me, but it scared me and I ran into my room. Then, that evening, I was in the same hallway, and as I was walking it felt like someone pushed their body up against my back, I turned around and nobody was there, but I felt like I saw a big, black figure faintly, right in front of me.

Then, the next morning, again, around 5:30am, I was going through the hallway and I had a strange feeling wash over me, I stopped in the hallway and waited. I heard 3 slow, distinct knocks; which scared the crap out of me and I ran away.

I have played a Ouija board in the past (not at the home I am at now), and have had a lot of strange experiences. Additionally, my mother (who does not live with me) has told me a lot of paranormal experiences she has had. She explained to me how she always saw the number 666 (e.g. it was in her drivers license number, her house number, phone number etc). Lately, I am beginning to see it as well. For example, today I randomly noticed that I had 666 Twitter followers.

This is sort of unrelated. But today, my friend was driving me home to my town. She told me how every time she drives into my town, the song “Lost Boy” by Ruth B comes on the radio. I didn’t believe her. But sure enough, when we drove into my town, it came on the radio right away. It freaked me out a little.

Are these signs? Am I being harassed? I am debating on contacting a trusted medium I know. Any advice is appreciated!

Asked by Jessica

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Hi Jessica,

Lots of answers:

Close the mirror, so that the only face you see in it again is your own. You can do that by drawing the symbol of the cross on it, or any other religious symbol you like, or the Reiki symbol Choku-rei if you are a Reiki practitioner. You make the sign with the ‘intention’ of the mirror being closed (like shutting a door) and remaining that way. I do that to the mirrors in every house I stay in because I too have seen various ‘someone’ elses in different mirrors over the years.

It would appear you’ve inherited your psychic gifts from your mother. In that case, for your peace of mind, I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to White Light Shields, learn them and use them, for yourself and your home, to keep ghosts out. Contacting the medium, to come and talk to whatever ghosts are in your house is also a good idea, or you can use the Michael Invocation (below) to clear yourself and your home. The instructions are on both webpages.

Your friend with the Lost Boy music might well have been driving past a ghost who is lost, or does she do this at the same time every day, because the radio station, or cd/mp3 she is listening to might hit the same track each time .. sometimes the ordinary can seem very odd. The next time it happens, you could suggest to her that she ask her guardian angel to ‘find the lost boy and take him into healing’. She might never hear that song again, and will have helped a lost soul cross over.

The 666 myth is always entertaining. 🙂 The number for the devil is actually 616, but since it didn’t look as dramatic as ‘666’, the ancient ‘church fathers’ decided that Nero really was the devil .. so they adopted the meaning of the ancient Hebrew Gematrian number for Nero, to suit their own purposes. Nero was the Roman leader who persecuted the Christians at the time when Revelation, the last book in the Christian Bible, was written. These days lots of people know what Numerology is, and Gematria is a very complicated form, and actually very interesting to study. Lots of people are followed around by numbers, my particular ones are 222 and 444. 222 appears practically everywhere some days. LOL And it and 666 are really nothing to worry about.

Do me, and yourself, a big favour, and never touch an ouija again .. they really are something to worry about.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

444 are supposed to be the Angels numbers, but you don’t need numbers to know there are angels around you!! I like the numerology explanations the best, myself! 😉