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Questions About My Dreaming

I’ve been looking for some sort of dream expert.

Or someone who may know anything about dreams that aren’t so average/normal.

I wouldn’t say my experiences are bad, I’ve had some phenomenal travels and experiences but on the other hand, I’ve experienced some freaky places and entities.

Last night, when I entered dreaming, I was in my own house and had went back downstairs and sat on the lounge and continued watching the movie that I had been watching before I went to bed. But a few minutes into the rest of the movie, I felt a shock of fear (as I have before in other travels, right before I seen the entity itself) , and o could feel it coming from the hall way that leads to the dining room and kitchen, when I looked down it, the kitchen and dining room was pitch black, but I could feel it lingering just in the darkness, (whenever I feel/see them, I go almost paralyzed, I’m too scared to move), I was too scared to move so I started screaming out to my partner to wake me up, I screamed his name out a good few times telling him to wake me up than all of a sudden I jolted awake.

Moral of the story is, this isn’t the first time I’ve been through this, I’ve been to other places in my travels where a bit into a dream I can suddenly feel something else enter it.

I had seen an entity once that actually paralyzed me to the point when my body felt like it was squeezed together and I couldn’t even scream, I started crying and begging to myself for someone to get me because I just couldn’t get out of its hold. Than I had friends that I didn’t recognize come and get me. They said they didn’t see it, but it was like they knew. Earlier in that dream I had heard a piano playing in this really old three story house, but the other people in my dream couldn’t hear it, so that’s when I wondered off by myself and seen that entity. It was a massive black orb like structure that was dispersing and retracting these spikes, it was floating in the air above a dining room table and its texture and consistency was like a liquid blob.

How do I shield myself against them, they aren’t the only ones I’ve seen. And to be honest it still scares the living shit out of me, it doesn’t matter how much I’ve seen them, even in my waking reality I’ll feel them often, but see them rarely, and I still freeze and freak out, sometimes even cry.

But in saying a little about my bad experiences, I’d also love to share one of my good ones this was only a couple of days ago too. For the first time I wandered the furthest I’ve ever been, I could swear it was another planet, it wasn’t like the beauty here on earth, the beauty there was… Indescribable. I flew up into the sky to look down and I was on what seemed to be an island, or at least a coastal line on the land of this world. The sea floor was like bio-luminescent. The sky was this beautiful purple stardust type of colour even though it was day. It sort of had an afternoon feel to it because of the sky. Like a beautiful sunset, but that’s just how it was of a day. The city felt eco friendly, it was like a city among a beautiful forest. Inside the buildings were tall marble cylinders and the ceilings were high. When I had first entered this world, I felt a bit spooked and had realized that I was really far from my body, I closed my eyes when I was standing in one of the buildings, and I had focused on feeling my way back to my body. Once I found my way back I than came back into the dream and was like to myself ‘okay, now I can explore’ that’s when had came outside and seen the sky, the building, the plantation and I was curious to see where I was and that’s when I had flown up to the sky and seen that I was on a coastal line.

In one of the buildings I also remember being in this weird computer technology sort of room, and I seen a board with a list of cities on it, I remember the name of one city because the rest I had trouble saying. But one I translated into ‘glasganov’ or something like that.

I live in Australia and I’ve never traveled over seas, but in my dream time I’ve actually been over seas, I’ve been to Milan and Tokyo. My dreams are so realistic that I feel like I can say that I’ve actually been there before. I also dream a lot about birds and the sun. I’ve seen the sun fall out of the sky in one of my dreams, but just before that had happened, millions of birds from all different flocks were flying in a massive oval shape in the sky. Than right after, the sun had fell out of the sky. I didn’t feel scared though.

I’m going to stop now because I’ll just keep going on I have soooooo many dreams travel stories.

But please what is this? No one I know has dreams like this and I’m dying to talk to someone about them. Any info?

Asked by Tanaya

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Hi Tanaya,

You are either astral travelling or lucid dreaming. Do you know what they are? If not, you can read plenty about them all over the internet. Going by the first experience, jolting awake, I would go with astral travelling.

Does any of these visions or visits by entities happen when you are awake? Does your home feel haunted?

The good dreams .. I have a friend who goes to a city every night when he is dreaming. He has explored the whole place, talked with people there, says its his ‘other life’ … his name is Siddle .. I do not know if he’s watching this site, but if he is .. pop in.

There are multitudes of people who ‘dream’ of other countries, cities and planets, which I think was where your city is located – only because I’ve never heard of a place like it on earth. Their bodies are asleep but their spirits are astral travelling. We all do this, its completely natural and normal. Keep a journal, you could write a fantastic book about your adventures.

Do you feel the entity is keeping you from astral travelling? I can recommend two things – the first is White Light Shields, to protect your energy/body while you sleep, and the other is the Michael Invocation, links to both you’ll find at the bottom of this webpage. Use the shield to protect yourself and another for your home. Then use the Invocation to clear within both shields. That should settle things down and let your adventures continue.

When we astral travel we are connected to our physical body by a silver cord. As you proved to yourself, when you focus on your body again, you will either go back to it, or know it is safe, and allow yourself to continue to explore the strange worlds of the astral planes, or physical planes, that we might never see .. but perhaps our children’s children will.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

Thank you for responding.

I’ve had visitors in my waking reality but they’re generally in the form of human spirits,
They spook me for a second but it’s nothing like the entities that visit me in my travels.
They’re different, controlling, extremely terrifying and intimidating.
They never come in the form of a human soul, it’s almost like they’re something more sinister and demonic and I feel like that because of the way they make me feel and because of the forms they choose to take, I can’t explain it. It’s truly terrifying and when I come across them, it’s so hard to ground and shield myself.

I wouldnt say it’s haunted, but I’d say that very frequently, a very bad energy comes there at night. I actually moved out a couple of days after I dreamt about it.

I have had a dream of a small (3ft) entity having a sinister feeling towards it as well. Looked like a creepy cloaked death dude with what seemed to be a protrudeing pointy jaw or something like seemed to be bone barely visible from his hood with skeleton like hands floating in the air as I came into his presence I started suffocating then woke up right at the point I got spooked enough . I was semi lucid during the experience and felt as if that what it was I ad witnessed was Not supposed to be there…