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What Does A Green Orb Mean?

Any Idea what a green orb means? Picture was taken outside around Sunset, sun was still up, clear sky, temp 80’s, green orb floating beside my Grandson about 5′ away from him, it was a solid Orb bright green, could not see through it.

Thank You

Asked by Laura

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Hello Laura,

Two thoughts come to mind .. energy created by the heart of a loving person, and elemental being .. given the colour.

Humans create positive and negative energy all the time, and send it out into the world with every thought and breath. IMO orbs are created by this energy, both by humans and animals, which explains the faces we sometimes see in them.

And nature spirits can sometimes float about in little balls of light. They are as curious about us as we are about them. They are called elementals, but most people know them as fairies ..

Nothing to worry about in either case.

Love & Peace