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What Do You Know About The Mandela Effect?

What do you know about it?

Can you please share your experiences?

Asked by Micle

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http :// about/

I’ve never heard of it, but I found this webpage and more. The link is deliberately split up, so copy/paste it into your web browser and take out the two gaps and it will work.

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Hi Ama,

Thank you for the link! I was wondering, could ghosts be influencing people and be sharing their memories or their versions of their memories which create the confusion for the living with the mandela effect and the dead?

Hi Micle,

There is a good reason why the Churches recommend people do not get involved in the occult. Ghosts can, and do, share the memories of their lives and deaths with the living while they sleep. They can come across as horrible nightmares. Demons can also influence a person’s dreams and emotions, and can do this for any number of people at one time (with the same ‘memories’) because of the energy links they can make between bloodlines and different individuals who share a common fear or phobia, or past lives. That might explain the Mandela effect, or the 100th monkey effect.

https ://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Hundredth_monkey_effect

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