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Is This Four Year Old Seeing Spirits?

My 4 year old nephew has been waking up crying for the past 3 days.

When I ask him why he is crying he says that he sees a white and black mist under his bed.

He says that the white one is good and the black one is bad.

I don’t know what to do or tell him.

Please respond back asap. Thank You!

Asked by Javier

One reply on “Is This Four Year Old Seeing Spirits?”

Hi Javier,

Is the boy worried about something? Otherwise, can you have the priest from your local church come in and bless your home (or wherever he is sleeping) just to clear the energy. Otherwise you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the Michael Invocation link and use it to clear the location.

Small children are being born far more sensitive these days. Lots of parents and caregivers are reporting strange things their kids are experiencing. It is normal, just a change in world energy, that makes everyone more sensitive to the unseen world.

Love & Peace