Did I Somehow Summon An Incubus?

Hello, I am a 15 year old girl who is just so curious and trys things for herself to see if it is true or not…well ive been reading a lot about incubus and succubus and people’s experience the bad and the good. Being very imaginative person I thought about what might happen if I had one and how fascinating these demons sound…

Now I read about them for an hour or so before going to bed because who doesn’t love a scare before bed?

A Week later as I was in trance so close to drifting off I felt a tingling sensation all down my left side and it slowly crept across my back and wrapped around my torso not to mention another in between my thighs as if it was rubbing. I didn’t want it to stop at all because what I felt was a warm, fuzzy and relaxed feeling and being bullied for years never had that. As I gave into the sensation all of a sudden I felt something ‘playing’ with me the sexual feeling was almost to much to bear, that’s when I shot up and looked around.. nothing… Now every now and then I would sit down or lay down and I would feel the sensation on my but or running down my leg…. Did I conjure one or am I just over thinking things…..

Asked by Lita

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Hi Lita,

You didn’t conjure it up, but you might have invited it to visit. That’s really not an intelligent thing to do. An incubus might seem interesting, for the great sex, but its an energy sucking leech and often very hard to get rid of.

I would suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to remove the entity before the situation gets worse .. and it can get worse. And then stop indulging in ghost or demon stories before bedtime .. it puts your mind on subjects best avoided, and can leave your energy open to ‘visitors’ such as the one you are having problems with at the moment.

Love & Peace

Hello, I just read this story and your response to it. I have had similar situations but to the most extreme imaginable. I have demons in me and my current house. I am A alcoholic and take prescription drugs to help my addiction and withdraw.
I have been on prescription drugs for 17 years. Just within the last few years I have started drinking vodka every night. If I try to sleep without drinking I am attacked ( demonized ) at night . This includes sleep paralysis, sexual demonic dreams and violent fighting and wrestling.
One event took place while I was falling asleep. I saw A centipeed ( black and white checkered patterned ) crawl up the wall in front of me and disappearing into the ceiling. Then it was A long lizard crawling along the wall with the same pattern but black and white strips. Then A serpent crawling from the corner across the wall behind my headboard again it was the checkered pattern of black and white.
Then I was not in my body and I was observing me laying in bed as the wall behind my headboard instantly turned into A foggy looking window. In the window was A human form of a man with A wide rimmed hat. I stared at it for A moment. Then A beautiful dark skinned women with long black hair came through the window, floating over my bed directly above me. She was smiling at me , I was very attracted to her. She was naked. I am not sure what happened after that. Although I am sure it had sex with me.
Just before I was laid off A very good job that I had worked extremely hard to get. I had A similar experience. I awoke in the night as there were huge hands and arms coming up from beneath my bed. I fought and wrestled with it. It was A huge red demon. It was probably 7.5 to 8 feet tall. I managed to wrestle it to the door way of my room. This went on for A while. As we were locking in arms and shoulders I saw A figure of A women squatted down to the side of me. Her hair went from the top of her head all the way to the floor. I could not see her face or arms. I turned my attention back to the red demon and I cryed out “Jesus please help me!”
Then the demon said ” ahhh here he comes too!” I felt like I was empowered by this and I slapped the demon in the face . It was pissed off! It tried to grab at me but Then it was over.
I want to mention for some reason it would not cross the threshold of the room at the door way from my bedroom to the kitchen. I though this was odd.
I have had similar situation where just as I began to fall asleep I felt something begin to crawl onto my bed. I could feel the bed depressing down where it’s knee was the springs in the bed creaked as well . I sat up quickly thinking it was my dog. Seeing it wasn’t I fell to sleep only to be quickly terrorized by sleep paralysis.
Sometimes something will shake my bed just A little. When I sit up then walk around the room checking for the dog and finding nothing. I go back to sleep and nothing happens that night.
If I feel the slight shaking and proceed to go to sleep thinking it is just the dog, because the dog does sometimes sleep at the foot of my bed. Then I am attacked for hours through sleep paralysis and demonic dark figures attacking me as I am unable to move sometimes.
I was getting very angry about this and one night as the bed creeked and the pressure of something began to crawl onto the bed. I just closed my eyes and waited for the flashes of light to progressively get faster and faster until I am in sleep paralysis. I open my eyes slowly to see the dark figure over me. I saw his hand reach to grab me and my anger welled up in me. I then grabbed him by the wrist throwing him to the floor. i was sitting on top of him , we had fell from the bed into the floor. I reached back behind me to get my bible. I began to show him the bible. Then all of the sudden it took the appearance of my nephew, he was around 9 or 10 at this time. He was laughing and smiling as I showed him the bible.It continued to laugh . I then got even more aggravated at it and took my fist and began hitting the floor, punching it. Then it looked over to where I was hitting the floor. I looked over to see A hand that I was hitting. My son of 16 was laying face down with his hand sticking out from under the bed. I then felt terrible that I was punching my son in the hand. My son looked to be asleep at the time. Then I was fully awake . I then sat up from the bed and it was over for that night.
I think that the demon used the appearance of my nephew to try to get a emotional response from me but I knew it was the demon. That is why I believe he then put the illusion of my son under the bed to get the emotional response he had first anticipated.
There are more similar to this like seeing demon/ naked women crawling around in front of me as I slept on the couch. They were getting me to rub their breasts.
I have had sexual encounters that ended in ejaculations. Sometimes the ejaculate would be present in my underwear but on some occasions it would not.
I know I am being demonized , not to say possessed, because that would insinuate ownership.
Please read over this several times and send me an email . I am not making this up. It is really happening. It has began to influence my children. My daughter has seen A dark haired girl standing in the corner of her room at night usally at or very close to 3am. My son of 17 , has also saw A dark figure staring at him up close while he slept. He described it’s face A similar to dark swirls of different shades of black.
My wife of 20 years has also felt the shaking on the couch as she sleeps. Just A few days ago she felt something passing through the couch and across her stomach as she laid back down.
Please give me some expert advice or refer me to someone who can help me and my family. My wife was diagnosed with pancretitious She had to hospitalized for a week.
I have asked God to forgive me for my sins and for him to save me. I believe I have to get the demons out of my body , children, and home before I can accomplish this. I don’t know what to do. We are going through tough times. In almost every aspect of our lives. Please help if you can .
Sincerely , Michael M

Hello Michael M,

There is no easy answer to this type of oppression. And I have questions. You wrote that you are taking medication for the alcoholism, but you are also drinking vodka. The two don’t mix. Are you also taking medication of any other kind?

I don’t know where you live but there are psychiatrists in America and England who specialise in exorcisms that may be able to help remove some of the entities. There are also churches now that do this. Have you visited any of them?

The Michael Invocation, link to the webpage at the bottom of this page, will also help remove some of the entities, both from you and your family. Given the age of your children they should say the Invocation themselves, as should your wife. You can make the request for your home, or both of you can.

I might be misunderstanding, but you wrote that you gave your life to God, which does help, but it appears you still hold the belief that you have to clear yourself etc of demons before God will help you. This is the reverse of what is taught in the bible. Jesus removed demons from people, they didn’t have to improve their lives first .. they improved them afterwards.

I would also recommend that everyone in the family learn the White Light Shields (link below) and use them. The personal ones and the house shield, to keep stray elementals (the creatures you saw may simply be astral beings that mean no harm, we just used not to be able to see them) and other entities out of the house. You set the shield and then ask Archangel Michael to clear ‘inside the shields’, house and people shields.

I wish there was more that I could do, but at least there are a few stepping stones for you to walk on …

Love & Peace

Hi I am 15 and I also like to try things on my own for new experiences and I saw this website when looking to see the consequenses of summoning a demon. I live in a house with my mom, dad, sister and brother. But if I am the one who summons the incubus will it just feed on my sexual energy or my sister and my mom? And how much worse can the demon do? Will I see the incubus or will it be like a ghost?

A few months back I have heard about three(3) knocking on my bedroom door every morning about 12:30/1oclock without knowledge I didn’t know what it was I didn’t bother with it.months after my dad passed away and in this month I’ve heard two(2) knocking at my bedroom door I didn’t bother with this because if it was something evil I want less to do with it but what do you think it might be???

Charity & Joyce,

An incubus or succubus summoned by one family member will haunt every other family member, feed on their sexual energy, totally disrupt their lives, even to the point of driving them insane. You do not want to make such a foolish mistake, that might harass your family from one generation to the next and into the future. The sex might be great to start with, but the outcome is a terrible nightmare.

Love & Peace