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What Did I See?

I have always had an intense fascination with the paranormal. I love ghost stories, horror movies, folklore.. You name it. I am not entirely sure that I have ever had an experience until two nights ago.

I was laying in bed with my boyfriend and as usual he passed out almost immediately. I was laying with my back to his stomach facing the wall. As I was trying to go to sleep I found myself unable to close my eyes for long and relax because I had a sudden, persistent feeling of genuine dread and fear. I felt like I was being watched, though there was no one in the house besides the two of us. I tried multiple times to calm myself and go to sleep but I just couldn’t keep my eyes shut for fear of not seeing what I felt was watching me.

Finally, I took a few deep breaths and told myself to chill out and was able to keep my eyes closed long enough to relax some. Out of nowhere from underneath my closed eyelids it looked like someone had turned on an intensely bright flashlight in my eyes. I opened them and there was about a 2 foot tall swirl of bright white light on the wall. I don’t know how to describe it so that it will make sense, but it looked almost like some sort of swirly, hippie drawing of the sun. You know how the rays of the sun look like swirly tentacles? That’s how it looked. It was an intensely bright, stark white but it didn’t hurt my eyes to look at. Also, normally when you have a source of light whatever is around it would be illuminated but the rest of the room was just as dark as it had been before I saw it. The only light was the swirly thing. It stayed in one place but was spinning very slowly to the right and it was only there for about 3 seconds then it turned into itself and disappeared. When I saw the light I wasn’t scared. I was shocked, but not frightened. After it disappeared I noticed that the feelings of dread had been replaced by feelings of comfort and peace and was able to finally fall asleep.

The next day I told my boyfriend about it and he didn’t believe me. He told me I had left the lamp in our bedroom on when I left for work that morning. I didn’t touch the lamp. Before anyone says it was a reflection, that is not possible because although we have a window in our bedroom it faces the back of a brick wall, is away from the road, and has a very thick curtain on it. I am not afraid of this light and am not afraid when I talk about it. It is just very weird.

Does anyone have any interpretations of this experience? Had similar ones?

Asked by Morgan

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Hello Morgan,

What a lovely experience. I wonder if the two entities were having a brief discussion about leaving you alone?

I did a quick search in google for some ‘swirling sun images’ and got far too many to choose from. If the streaming energy was outside the wall of the orb then it was not a traditional one (all light is internal), if it was inside, it might be a very powerful manifestation of spiritual (white light) energy, which would clear anything negative from your home, and you.

Love & Peace