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What Is Going On With All These Strange Happenings?

When I was a teenager, I felt this entity, force, power, presence come on me. At the time I didn’t know what it was or that it was a spirit.. I still Don’t know fully what it is.. but I feel it on me.. then I started noticing strange things have been happening to me because of it.

I would sleep in my room and my purse would knock down to the floor really hard.. paranormal type stuff.. like other forces/spirits are in my house.. then I started noticing I started sensing/feeling the presence of a bunch of police officers/ government officials… I could detect exactly where they were at, when they were following me, when they were watching me.

I have been taken into custody for a variety of reasons that they said.. and there was a time I wasn’t in jail and I ate their food that they fed me, and I had the strangest thing happen to my body.. I am no longer Healthy.. I feel sick and tired all of the time… I feel deadly ill… also some things went inside me, like a lot of supernatural forces went inside my body to torture me, and this came from their food… I have many strange symptoms for more than ten years now.. and its reoccurring sensations and they are not going away.

Now I am feeling many things in my body. The spirit/ energy that possessed my eyes as a teenager.. and the invisible forces that are tugging and pulling my insides. Other then this going on I noticed a bunch of ravens screaming like crazy when they spot me or are around me. They also look into my eyes and see the invisible forces within.

When I was at my house I was sleeping and something was on me and I had a real bad feeling when this thing was on me. This thing paralyzed me and my whole body couldn’t move. Then a bunch of ravens came screaming really loud on my bedroom window.

Last time I was walking a raven was screaming from a distance and flew towards my face. I also have noticed black cats staring at me and sensing me.. .just like the birds they can feel me. I also used to have this cat that I had a very close bond/ connection with.. our energies were sensitive towards one another… and had a close friendship with one another. When she was nearby I could feel her presence and I had some kind of telepathy towards her. Even though I’m not really sure where it came from I felt a love and a sense of peace from her. This was something positive for me but when I get attacked for my powers/ gift by all these other things I don’t feel good.

Things have gotten so bad for me from what these entities/ energies have done to my body..things that I can’t even explain… I am being tortured by them and it is wearing me out and draining all of me…

Asked by rose

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Hi Rose,

You have been going through such a lot, but I still have to ask if you had a diagnosis for mental health issues when you were younger?

Have you tried spiritual healing to remove the entities, or been blessed by a minister from your local church?

The Michael Invocation removes entities .. you can find the link to it at the bottom of this webpage. And then there is one to the White Light Shields, which would help to keep other things out of your energy.

Love & Peace