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Girl In A White Gown And Sad Violin Music On The Radio

My name is Mike. Im 18 years old and ever since I was 10 my friends and I have been having strange happenings. It started as just hearing whispers and seeing things out of the corner of our eyes. We didnt think anything of this.

One day when I was 12 my friend and I were in the woods by my house, exploring and just being kids. We were on our way out when I asked my freind if he wanted to race. We started running and I was in the lead. I looked back to him laughing when I caught a glimpse of something strange. I took a double take and saw a little girl, pale as snow in just an old white night gown. She looked scared and had long black hair that looked dirty and wet. I got scared instanly and took off as fast as I could.

When we got out of the woods, my friend told me he felt someone grab his arm as if they were begging for help. I told him what I saw and we both came to the agreement that this was no living person to be bare foot in the middle of the woods wearing only a night gown in the snow. We called her Tabitha because she looked at first like the girl Tabitha from the movie The Ring.

Later in the year we took another good friend of mine down to “investigate Tabitha,” we went down to the woods at dusk and started recording on my phone. We asked if there were spirits and if they could make themselve known. We then heard the three signs of happening dogs barking, then an ambulance. Then the dreaded scream in the distance. After that we were silent. After that there was a scream as loud as if someone screamed in my face. I dropped my phone in a puddle out of fear and ran. We went to the woods few times after that but it still haunts me.

I am 18 now and I just got home from the Air Force. As stupid as I was I went down the woods one last time and looked around. I didnt see or hear anything but I felt uneasy and ended up puking.

Later that night I was with the same two friends and we were driving home from the club. The clock struck three and the radio in his truck went from auxilary mode, where you can plug in a phone or an ipod to listen to music, to radio where we heard through white noise a violin playing a very depressing song and a voice wispering a chant. We instantly turned off the radio.

Later that night I was home laying with my dog in my basement when sudenly he jumped up with hair on end growling and barking in the doorway to another room. There was nothing there. What do I do? Am I haunted? Can someone please help me?

Asked by Mike

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Hi Mike,

My first thought is for that little girl you guys ran away from .. yes, she probably was just looking for help. Six years later she’s probably still looking for help, and since she has ‘seen’ you, and you her, she might be hanging around. My suggestion is to help her find peace, by crossing her into heaven. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in any of it .. what matters is your choice to help.

I gather you can remember what she looked like. Do this for her. Bring her to mind, remember how you felt and what you say and then say something like “Archangel Michael, please find the girl ghost we named Tabitha and take her into healing”. The angels know what to do.

And you don’t want to become haunted. Ghosts get angrier and more demanding the longer they are dead, and no child should be lost like that.

Love & Peace

Thank you Ama. Do you have any advice on the music? Ive read stories of people who aledgedly sold their souls or had runins with spirits and they heard the same thing before bad things happen.

The violin music? First get the wiring in the truck checked, my clock and radio are the same unit and they both malfunction together. I can think of a few ordinary explanations. The radio could have switched itself onto a ‘between’ stations section, where two lots of signals overlapped and you heard that, and sound can travel great distances, in unexpected ways, or you might heard certain ‘sounds’ which aren’t what you think they are, because they are covered by the white noise. Or a ghost could have turned the radio on, or tried to use it like a ‘talking’ box and communicate his/her experiences to you? It is possible, but I think the wiring is the more likely possibility.

Or have any of you sold your soul, which is an illusion. You can willingly work with the devil, but it can never own your spirit/soul. That belongs to God and always will, whether you believe in God or not.

As to having run-ins with ghosts, or spirits .. or demons, angels or elementals .. I have done that all my life, and I am just fine.

Love & Peace

That little girl could be anything. Daemons can change themselves to appear as something more appealing to your eyes so they can draw you in. When I saw your post on here about a girl in white I thought lady in white or banshee but it wasn’t a banshee because you saw her you didn’t say anything about screaming or seeing her by water washing bloody clothes but it could be a lady in white they tend to appear to you just simply staring at you or rarely playing but the always appear to be fearful and needing of help. A lady in white isn’t necessarily a woman either they can be seen as children, adolescent as long as they are wearing a white garment. I am no expert that girl could have just been a girl asking for help but even if it was you better hope you don’t see her again she might not be to happy with you for not helping her six years ago when she came to you.

Hi Derik,

Most banshee are heard, not seen, and generally appear to Irish or Scottish people. They are a voice warning about a death that is going to happen in a family, rather than appearing as a child with dirty wet hair. Yes, daemon, which are human created entities, can appear as anything they like, so can demons, but in this case its not likely to be one of those – simply because the man is not being continued followed or harassed by her. But your comment did lead to some interesting reading, so thank you for that. The bloody clothes were also being washed with ‘bloody limbs and heads’.

Love & Peace

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