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Step Ins (or Walk-ins) – Are They Possible?

Hello everyone! My question is about the term “Step Ins.” The term is basically used to describe a lost soul who “steps into” a body of another deceased individual and takes over that body and that life.

My question is, is that possible and do any of you know if something like that exists? For me, it seems to go against anything that I know, but I would love to hear others thoughts takes and experiences!


Asked by LunaTerra

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I have heard about this before. I heard it as “walk ins” instead of “step ins” but the same thing.

I have a friend who is convinced that she is a walk in. She was beaten badly and was in the hospital for awhile. She believes that the ‘original soul’ left the body and died at that time when another spirit came into her body and took over.

Greta question! I am really looking forward to reading the comments on this one!

Hi Luna

Do you mean the same principle as with the vampire myth … the vampire bites, the body technically dies so the soul leaves it and then, the body is ‘revitalised’ or ‘reasurrects’ without the original soul, but rather it houses some kind of ‘demon’ spirit that controls the body?


Morning guys,

The walk-in process happens because an inhabiting spirit agrees to leave. The body doesn’t ‘die’ first, they just exchange one spirit for another, with the help of the guides and angels. My father was a living example. He had, I believe, three people ‘walk’ through his body, and then he returned at the end for a very short time.

What happens when a person walks in is that their families think they have changed profoundly, usually after some emotional experience, illness, shock treatment (my father), NDE event. The family makes that the reason, because its the only explanation they can find. That’s what my family did until we learned about walk-ins years after Don died. He went into hospital for depression, got the shock treatment, very primitive in comparison to today’s treatments, and came out of hospital completely changed .. even to eye colour for one of the personalities. He parted his hair on the opposite side. His voice changed. All his previous favourite foods he no longer liked. His personality changed each and every time. He went from not drinking alcohol to being alcoholic. And this happened, in differing ways, four times.

What I noticed most clearly was when he came back into his body near the end of its life. I was about 31 at the time. I ‘recognised’ the energy of my ‘father’ and it threw me back to being about 7 or 9 when he had first ‘walked out’. I remember feeling stunned, and had quite a few good short chats with him .. but the damage done to his body during those 20+ years he was away was too much and he died less than two years after he returned.

I know a number of people who believe they are walk-ins. If they allow themselves to, they just ‘become’ the person. The memories of the first soul remain with the new one (though they fade over time), which often adds to their confusion if they don’t remember they chose to walk in .. it certainly confuses the heck out of their families, unless they come across the explanation of what happened, which I didn’t do until I was 35 or so.

I think you’ll find step-ins and walk-ins are the same thing.

AJ, I was thinking about vampirism too. One person described it as a virus that invades the person, killing off the personality section of the brain and leaving the animal behind. The animal needs to feed to maintain its ‘vehicle’, so it does. The only really intelligent vampire seemed to be Dracula, which is a character based on Vlad Tepes, nicknamed Vlad the Impaler, for obvious reasons. Not a pleasant character. Now if you want a ‘real’ vampirish name, go for Elizabeth Bathory .. she and her helpers murdered young women, mostly virgins, so to bath in their blood, as well as drinking it .. to keep their youth appearances? Or did she? Myths and legends can be distorted over time, though I think that one has a basis in fact. I know psy vampires are real, not sure about the others, though I have had ‘chats’ with people who say they are ‘real’ vampires over the years, on the internet .. but none of them mentioned walking into the current body, nor were any of them ancient beyond measure, nor did they have super human strength, or be able to transform into animals .. though one guy said he could go invisible .. so can I, particularly where those sliding glass doors are concerned, if I’m distracted. LOL

Interesting subject, thank you Luna.

Love & Peace

Thank you so much for posting it and I do hope we get a lot of comments and discussions for this topic!! 😀

Not exactly. I was thinking more along the lines of one human spirit taking over the body of another, but the concept I’ve heard of is where the spirit takes over the body after the original spirit moves on.

Your explanation fascinates me, and I have a few questions for you. You explain that your father left his body and was controlled by several different spirits throughout his lifetime and then only returned to his body before his death, what was the purpose for all those different souls controlling one body? Did he need a break from this lifetime but was not allowed to or did not want to die at that particular time? Cold it possibly have to do with his Karma or maybe yours? or another family members? Couldn’t that be considered a form of possession or is it different in some way? I think this an incredible concept to ponder and would love to delve more into the reasons and instances behind it. I honestly didn’t think it was possible!(not that I am not open minded to learning about the concept!) Thanks for he responses so far!! Hopefully there will be more comments on this discussion with more varying ideas! 😀 Peace, Love and Light, LunaTerra.

Morning angel,

The question about my father. It had been his body, but then he gave it up to someone else. I don’t know the agreement he made with the spirit that took over the body, nor any of the others, or if they made their own agreements each time. The next ‘someone else’ gave it up to the second spirit, and that spirit gave it up to the third, and then Don came back. Why? Well, sometimes we don’t finish off a few things during a lifetime, and so, instead of having a ‘whole’ life, we drop in for a short time, do what we must and then leave again. In Don’s case, perhaps he just could not cope anymore with the depression and mental illness he had been suffering from, or maybe he just wanted to be dead, and someone took advantage of him in that confused state of mind?

As to whether the whole experience was a karmic lesson for all of us .. I think so. I learned so much from that experience, and all the knowledge has been useful, particularly in this later part of my life. There was a moment there, Luna, when the angels came and got me, that my whole life, and everything I had experienced, made total and utter SENSE! We know them as ‘aha!’ moments, only this one was the size of a house. LOL Everything that I was (all my experiences), had been, and would become was there for the briefest moment, and I touched ‘forever’, or that is how it felt. Before that I had always felt scattered and puzzled by my ‘jigsaw’ life .. after that, well, it still feels a bit jigsaw-ish, but I know that all the major stuff is useful tools for the future, and try to go with the flow over the rest. You know me, since we’ve had chats in private, I can be a grumpy brat at times, but there’s a core of peace in me that I would wish for everyone.

Is a walk-in a possessing entity .. no. For it to be possession, one entity must enforce its will over the original spirit, suppressing and controlling it. They both inhabit the body then and until either the entity is removed, willingly leaves (which occasionally happens), or the body dies and both entities then have a choice of returning to heaven or to whatever state suits each of them. A walk in swaps with the inhabiting spirit. The first inhabitant disconnects completely from the body, which then should die, but because the 2nd one connects immediately, the body continues to function as before, with subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle changes to its appearance, mannerisms .. likes and dislikes .. certainly enough to confuse the person’s family and friends for a while. If the person knows they are a walk-in, and many don’t, they can explain it .. even if their families won’t, or can’t, believe it has happened. That’s why the lady brought her mother to see me, to help make it real for the mother, because she was very confused by this ‘new’ daughter.

I hope that helps,
Love & Peace

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