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What Am I Dealing With And How Do I Make Them Stop?

Hi Ama, I only just discovered your blog now while browsing for information. I am desperately in need of advice and guidance regarding a troublesome and persisting problem which is rather complex in nature so I request your patience in reading my post. I used to think that my constant bad luck, misfortune and calamities was just the result of either my own jinxed fate, manifestation or perhaps a test of faith from a higher power. But over the years I’ve become more and more aware of the intentional, bizarre and malicious nature to all the mishaps and bad luck which had lead me to question whether there is a demonic reason behind all my problems. Each incidence feels as if I’m being maliciously targeted.

I don’t even know where to begin with explaining the amount of bad luck I experience everyday and the way it occurs throughout every aspect of my life. Anyone who’s witnessed my jinx has gone from a skeptic to a believer that there is something at work. I try to take the necessary precautions to avoid bad luck, for example I would place my drink glass at the furthest distance from me to avoid it spilling. But regardless another object near me ends up tipping over and collides with another item on the desk which bounces and the reaction continues like a domino effect until it reaches that drink glass and causes it to fall, spill and break. This is just one tiny example of my jinx, if I were to mention all the bizarre ways I’m effected it would fill a book.

But one thing that stands out about my bad luck is how it occurs in the most unlikely ways that you could not replicate if you attempted to recreate the scenario. As I walk past objects or get in and out of the car, walk through a door, my clothes or my back pack, or even a zipper gets caught on the tiniest protrusion, a splinter in the wood on the door frame or an area where you wouldnt expect to be snagged on. I’ve had so many torn and damaged items as a result.

The common theme in most of my bad luck is in relation to being “snagged”. The vacuum cleaner cable, the garden hose or reaching for any item in the fridge, dishwasher, glassware cupboard, it always ends up in disaster as it gets snagged on another object in the most unlikely way and as I withdraw the item it just brings everything else crashing down like rock slide. Sometimes I catch it just as its occuring and I fight against the effect to prevent it from ending in disaster but I can definitely feel a resistance and a force behind it against all my attempts to push everything back from collapsing to the floor.

I’ve had shopping bags tear and release its contents just as I was entering through my front door. I once saw it unfold in front of my eyes and I grabbed the bag in my arms before it unloaded all the milk cartons and eggs on to the floor. I only managed to save a few and ran to the fridge to place what I had salvaged into it. But as I began to place it in the fridge shelf, the remainder just came tumbling back towards me while bringing the rest of the shelf contents with it on to the floor.

I’ve even been injured to the point of bleeding as a result of my bad luck on many occasions. I even required stitches one night when I was preparing dinner when the piece of schnitzel I was placing into the frying pan ended up bouncing right out and onto the floor, so I grabbed another piece from the freezer and carefully tried to place that in the pan but that too just ricocheted right out and landed on the kitchen floor, realizing that was my last piece and feeling extremely frustrated at my jinx, i grabbed my empty dinner plate and threw it towards the floor while yelling “LEAVE ME ALONE! I’VE HAD IT WITH THIS BAD LUCK!!” Just as the plate hit the floor, the ceramic shattered into sharp pieces…Three of those sharp jagged shards flew right into my shin and cut deeply right into the bone. I was losing so much blood I thought I was going to die and I called the ambulance. I realized that getting angry at my bad luck or fighting against or reacting harshly just results in even more bad luck…

Sometimes I just wish I was dead because I can’t take anymore of living this way. Its ruined my life. When nothing goes your way and every step you take ends in disaster it just strips you of all hope. I have holes throughout my walls all telling a story of my frustration and reaction to various bad luck occurrences. I’ve become very isolated and so miserable that I avoid people and sometimes I dont even leave the house for weeks at a time but even with such a monotone lifestyle I continue to experience bad luck everyday. I also have an array of unexplained and complex health problems that have lead me to struggle with housework and choirs and as a result the house as become very messy and neglected. Whenever I try to clean up I immediately experience an overwhelming depletion of energy and I become fatigued and feel drained thus further neglecting the dishes, laundry and housework which has all accumulated and piled up. However one of the worst challenges has been with managing time. I’m experiencing severe loss of time where every hour that passes feels like only 10 minutes to me. So I end losing an entire day just trying to begin or finish a simple task. I’ve ended up behind all my bills. And even food that feels like I had only placed in the fridge yesterday has already become expired because what feels like yesterday was in fact 1 week ago. I’m late to all my appointments and I can’t keep up with anything or finish anything on time. It’s as if time has sped up or maybe I’ve slowed down but there is definitely something not right with the way time has become so displaced for me.

I’m so sorry this has ended up a longer post than I intended. If I had just mentioned being jinxed without providing example, it may have been insufficient in portraying the severe extent of my problems. But even what I’ve written so far is just tip of the iceberg…It doesn’t even scratch the surface. Especially in regards to all the other bizarre occurrences around me. I’m finding that the way people behave towards me is also bizarre. I’ve had complete strangers, doctors, nurses, receptionists, store clerks and even my own family turn malicious, hostile and agressive towards me for no apparent reason and without any provocation. Some instances have been so abusive that I’ve had to file a complaint with the hospital or the department overseeing those people and in each case the people involved have either denied, apologized or stated that they have no recollection of the incident they were involved in.

There have also been strange occurrences around the house. My light bulbs keep flickering especially when I stand under it or pass under it and I’m also having to regularly replace dead bulbs soon after changing them over.

Other bizarre occurrences have been with the appearance of facial expressions taking shape and appearing on inanimate objects such as laundry, towels, plastic bags, paper towels and other soft pliable materials. I’ve begun to document with my camera. I captured one very significant occurrence on video. I put laundry up to dry and when I went back to collect it, my beanie had creased and folded in areas to form a very visible face that appeared disturbed and angry. It had deep hollow eyes, and formed creases in its brow and forehead in the manner of a frown, it’s mouth was open in a way that expressed a displeased expression. When I rotated around it with the video camera the facial expression was maintained from all the angles you would expect when viewing the profile of a creatures head. I would appreciate if you could take a look at it.

I will try and upload to youtube or whichever way is most convenient for you to see it. There are other weird things happen whenever I roll dice and the way the numbers always land to form a recognizable pattern. eg. when I roll 5 dice I keep getting a full straight wgere each dice lands on an individual number from 1-5 on every roll. I also captured this on camera. There have been other weird things where I once heard something rapidly enter into my bedroom and dart around the room very suddenly. The doors and windows were completely closed and yet soon as this thing entered my room, my dog and I reacted at the exact same time to it. The sound moved around my room rapidly and both my dog and I were moving around our heads trying to track the sound. The best way I could describe it is by comparing it to the little golden ball with wings that they use in Harry Potter to try and catch during the team game they play while flying on their brooms. It made a sound like that or similar to a dragonfly but I couldn’t see it and we could only hear it enter into the room and zip around several times around our heads and then exit the room. I think I’ve taken up your time enough for now. I hope that with the information I’ve given, you have a better idea of what’s going on then I do. One thing I can say with certainty is that what ever I’m dealing with appears to be extremely powerful and cunning. Thank you for your patience and for any help you can offer on how I can put a stop to all of this.

Asked by TOBY

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Hello Toby, almost all what you have said have happened to me. You are being haunted by a malicious and monitoring demonic spirit. They tend to frustrate you in every area of your life, they have been responsible for thousands of suicide incidents worldwide. Their main goal is to take away your happiness and hope for living.
The permanent solution to your problem is to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your life and help you. You should also take up your bible to pray with psalms chapter 3,4,35,51 and 91. You will surely experience a good dramatic transformation in your life when you do this. God bless you!

Hi Toby,

Having read through the Psalms that Emmy suggested. I think they would be a very good starting point. It only took me a few minutes to read all of them, and they are provided as a clear request for help from all manner of malicious entities. You’ll find each of them on the internet very quickly, if you don’t own a bible.

I would suggest two other things. There is a link to the Michael Invocation under this message. Read it and use it. There is another link to White Light Shields. They will also be useful. Given that the entity that is harassing you is an energy being, energy shields and the Invocation should help to shift them.

Down below on this webpage is also a link to my personal webpages, with an email address. If you will do what we have suggested, then I would hope to hear from you in a week or so, to tell me how you are going. You can answer on this site, or write to me from mine.

Some people bring huge challenges into the world with them when they are born. What you haven’t told me is when the problem started, and if you did anything to create it, such as play with an ouija board. If you haven’t anything like that in your home, burn it.

Love & Peace


Actually, burning the Ouija board isn’t a good idea, that releases the negative entities in the house or where ever you burn it. Ask a local church to dispose of it for you, if they choose to burn it, it’s on them.
The reason why, Hell’s other name is the burning place. You can’t burn demons up, nor their access point / portal once it’s been established. Other methods have to be employed, sage smudge sticks are just the beginning.

Lots of people think that by destroying the object that will be the end of it, that’s rarely the case. Because once the door is open, the Ouija board was just the key to open the door, the door must be shut and to them purge the negative entities. Destroying the key and leaving the door wide open is dangerous. While you may purge the current entities, even more can come through.

Hi Lex,

The board IS the door that needs to be shut, not the key, and not a trap for entities, so burning it is the right thing to do. Closing door/vortexes/gates opened by those boards can be a lot more complicated than people realise, if they refuse to burn it .. and taking it to the local church, if they’ll accept it, which many of them won’t, will get you a lecture and a half, probably needed. I wish they had never been created.

And hell is also supposed to be freezing cold .. it just depends on which set of beliefs you want to follow .. it also burns, if you think about it literally.

Love & Peace