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What Is My Purpose In This World?

I was born 3 months too early thanks too my mother having pregnancy poisoning while she was pregnant with me so I had to be removed from her belly, When I was removed from her belly I wasn’t breathing, the doctors were thinking of what to do with me until I suddenly screamed and cried and they put me into an incubator for three months. While in those months I had three holes in my lungs (not all at the same time) but thanks to the doctors I survived that too.

Now sometimes I can sense static energy in my arms, I have tried to control it but every time I try to grasp this warmth it either disappears, like its flowing out of my body through my hands or it goes to the rest of my body. Now I am wondering why am I alive?

I heard that many people who were born too early passed away when they were removed from their mothers belly and of course the hospital I was and their medical resources and doctors were exceptional (luckily) but I Always feel like there is more to it, like there is more to my life than I have discovered.

I Always felt different from the rest. I was (and still am being raised) by my mother who is a catholic and my stepfather who is a protestant. They told me that I am free to make my own choices in what I believe in.

I believe that there was indeed a higher power that created us but after it did that It left us alone to fend for ourselves, to find our own path in life. I believe in myself and I desperately want to know what my role is in life. If anyone has any idea let me know.

Asked by Allesandro

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Hi Allesandro,

I too want to know my purpose, my mission in life. I was told in a mini Akashic reading my mission has something relating to do with telepathy or something like that, but that I will figure it out and I dont have to worry about accomplishing it, I am already doing my mission by just being me.

If you would like to read more about how I found out a little bit about the method I learned about my mission/purpose, go to wellwholeempowered dot com.

Hello Allesandro,

These days children born three months early have a greater chance of survival, thanks to modern medicine. It is not unusual that their lungs have not developed properly at that age. You wrote that you were born by cesarean .. that also is not unusual. At the moment it seems to be the recommended way for many children to be born, as normal births can be very stressful. That belief comes and goes, among many others related to giving birth and raising our children. And it is also not unusual that a child is born not breathing, and then starts after a short while, sometimes from being jerked around or bumped. Breathing is a natural response once we are out in the air. I am writing this because being born prematurely should not become something that makes you uncomfortable, or feel different from other people.

How old are you now? We often don’t find out the purpose of our lives until we are adults. A way to consider what you came into life for is to think about what is most fascinating to you, stuff you read about all the time, or watch tv programs about, or want to learn about when you get older? Or have been interested in all your life? Truthfully, some people’s purpose is clearly defined, and often ignored, while others never feel they have found it to the end of their lives .. but often it is simply just to exist and be the best person they can be, kind, generous and loving, to take care of themselves so that they can take care of others. That can be why we choose an unusual birth, because it teaches us to value life.

You might have been born sensitive to energy outside your body. I too have experienced energy such as you describe. So have millions of other people. So many others are being born now, far more sensitive to energy, because we have the time, and perhaps the wisdom, to learn that there’s more to this world than we can see with our eyes.

Until I know your age, and more about your life circumstances, I couldn’t suggest what your purpose might be, but I hope the questions help you to start thinking of what you would like to do. After that, as you wrote, its up to you to make things happen.

Love & Peace