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Can Spirits Relocate?

If a person dies, and their spirit doesn’t immediately move on to the spirit realm, does their spirit have to stay in the proximity where they lost their life, or can they relocate to a different place, such as their last home, a previous home, or the locations of other loved ones?

Is there any physical distance or barrier limitation to a spirit’s ability to move around? For instance, could a spirit travel a mile from the hospital where they died to go back to their house? Could they travel twenty-five miles to return home? Could they travel from a different country, even across an ocean, to relocate to their home?

And whatever the answer is for humans, does the same apply to animals, such as a pet dog or cat?

Asked by Gary

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Hi Gary,

When a person dies they have two choices – they can become a spirit by crossing into heaven (into healing) where they let go of all the negative emotions they had when they were alive, and then they can visit family and friends and go all over the world, wherever they like. If the person dies and decides to hang around, for whatever reasons good or bad, they become a ghost. That’s when the problems start. Ghosts need negative energy to remain in their state of being, much like we need food, and human energy is a perfect meal.

A ghost can snore (as loudly as me) .. I write this because my husband has literally just told me that one was in our bed snoring a moment ago (he thought I’d gone back to bed), which was bothering our Ellie cat who had decided to nap there. She was staring at my pillow when Tom opened the door (6th Sept 2017 8:16am). The dating for my own memory. I don’t keep a ghost registry for our house, otherwise it would be full all the time. Tom and I both attract ghosts, so that we can help them cross into heaven. I just cleared the house.

A ghost can also attach itself to a person and go everywhere they go until it is unattached, or removed in some other way (energy healing). Spirit do not do this, they get energy from Source. They might return to places that have a strong emotional meaning for them (any or all of their homes, or places of important events during their lives). They will visit people they love or hate. There’s no limit to where they can go, but they generally go where there are strong emotions, and large gatherings of people, such as supermarket, and street mobs. Attaching entities will influence their victim to do things like remain angry, hurt, jealous, drunk or stoned, depending on what sort of energy the ghost is looking for.

Animals that we love can often come to visit. I have had four cats return at various times. One haunted two different healing centres, opened one after another. She loved to cross the top of the stairs in both, and have people ask if we had a little black cat in residence. We did, but she was a spook. 🙂 Then there was Meg the grey cat, who wandered from the back door, through the kitchen, and up the hall .. watched by Gus the dog and myself, Gus and I glanced at each other and then back at Meg, until she disappeared, probably into my mother’s room where she used to sleep. That was about three week after we buried her under the apricot tree. About six months later Gus spent three weeks sleeping with his head on my foot .. he snored loudly, and Tom and I would comment on it .. that began about a week after we buried him near Meg. He’s popped in here, which is 300kms away from the other house, and five years after he died, once in a while .. for that matter so has Meg. LOL And then there’s Boo (her real name was Juno), the cat who lost the fight with a snake, who was still around for months after she died. We got Ellie about a year after Boo died because Charlie cat was fretting without a friend to harass. The first ghost I remember seeing was a black and white cat in the cemetery my friends and I played in once in a while (we were all about nine years old). It wrapped itself around my ankles and I was patting it, until one of them pointed out I appeared to be patting air .. it felt warm and was purring.

So the answer to all your questions is ‘yes’. Within the first seventy-two hours after dying, while the spirit detaches from the physical body, s/he will travel back to family, friends and home, often to say goodbye, and then cross over .. but if they don’t cross, they become a ghost. The ghost remembers, and still feels, every (usually negative) emotion and event from their lives, the spirit lets them all go and ‘moves on’. They don’t stop loving the family they left behind, which is what draws them back to who they were and where they experience life ..

Love & Peace