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Weird Fog Smoke Or Mist In Picture

Today at around 12:30 in the afternoon, I was sitting in my room when I saw a formation of smoke floating above my bed.

The formation kind of looked like a small cloud of mist or smoke. When I tried to wave it away, it reformed itself and then floated to the other side of the room and disappeared. My window was closed, so it wasn’t from outside, and I was not smoking.

Can anyone explain this to me? I took photos, and you can clearly see the smoke in the pictures, and there is a straight line going through the smoke.

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Asked by Martha

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Hello Martha,

One afternoon my husband I wandered up our hallway, and in my mother’s bedroom, with a closed window, though the door was open, was a lot of white mist .. half a room full. We played with it a little, but since it didn’t seem to be doing any harm, we left it alone and got on with the housework (I think .. it was a couple of years ago now).

The two main points are … you weren’t scared, and it didn’t try and harm you.

There are energies in the world that we do not understand and have little or no knowledge of. An orb, captured in so many digital photos these days, is not something new, just something that our technology has finally allowed us to ‘see’, and your (and my) mist is something like that. I believe its simply a manifestation of elemental (natural world) energy .. hanging around in the house because humans are fascinating creatures to watch. Half a room full, I have no explanation for .. but it was wet, it was just white .. and misty.

Life is weird, and far more varied than we realise.

Sorry I haven’t got more information, but I don’t think you need to be worried.

Love & Peace

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