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Old Hag

My wife and I arose one summer morning, about 5:30 am, just as dawn was breaking. We both saw an old crippled up woman, materialize from the culvert under our driveway.

I turned my wife and asked if she had seen what I just witnessed. She had.

My wife said go to the kitchen and see if she is still there. I did. The lady was on the neighbor’s side of the fence, pacing back and forth, staring at myself and our house.

I turned tell my wife to come and see, when I turned back, she was gone.

The woman, besides materializing from the culvert, was solid and looked as if they were human.

There had been some death recently around our family. My wife’s ex-husband had recently committed suicide by hanging. Our neighbor (who lived on the opposite side of the fence in question) had also recently also passed away. She was an elderly, devote Jehovah’s Witness that lived alone and had little to no contact with her immediate family. She did not resemble the woman we saw at all.

I have seen a couple of times since, always outside and just for brief moments. Always outside along the perimeter of our property. My wife prefers not to talk about it at all.

If you could please give us some explanation of what it would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you

Asked by Tender00

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Hi Tender00

To start with, this is not the classic ‘old hag’ experience that everyone thinks they know about. That happens when you wake from sleep, cannot move, and think something is sitting on your chest.

What you have seen, by the sound of things, is the ghost of an old woman who might, or might not, feel some connection either to you, your wife, or the house you live in. She has my sympathy. It’s no fun being a ghost, trapped between earth and the heavens, wandering lost .. and trying to get people’s attention .. because their attention, whether it is curiosity or fear, means the ghost can grab your energy and use it for a meal.

If it were me, the first thing I would do is ask your angels, whether you believe in them or not, to ‘find’ the lady you say (just remember what she looked like) and ‘take’ her into healing .. or heaven. You don’t have to believe in that either, to have it happen. The angels know exactly what to do. Then she won’t be haunting anyone else, which will be a good thing.

Love & Peace
(spirit rescuer)

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