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Was This Really My Boyfriend Or Just My Imagination?

My boyfriend died 2 years ago. I always asked him to come to me in my dream and he never did until last night. I was very tired and I fall as asleep on the couch.

I dreamed that I was in my house but in my kitchen window there was window curtains and I don’t have them in real life. In my dream I saw those curtain moving and I asked if this was him. I walked up to the curtain I held them close to me. The curtain then got wrap around me and when I turned me head I saw his face. At this moment those curtains felt like his arms and it felt so real.

He told me he was sorry. I asked him what for and he said that he was sorry he couldn’t make me feel better. I don’t understand this.

Was this really my boyfriend or was it just my imagination playing trick on me because I miss him so much?

Asked by Atena

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Hello Atena,

Sometimes when we die, we do so with regrets. I wonder if your boyfriend is worried about you, because you are still sad about his passing? That might explain what he said.

If you are at peace with it now, you could do this – sit down somewhere quietly and call his face to your mind. Have a conversation with him. Tell him everything in your heart, including that you are ok now, and have moved on in your life. Tell him he doesn’t have to be worried about you anymore and ask him to cross over into heaven. If he is still watching over you, this might help him cross, otherwise it will help to relieve his mind – and then say goodbye and let him go.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
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Ama, thank you for you reply. I know I should let him go but I just can’t. I know it is selfish but I feel that if he crosses over then he will be rely gone. How can I get over this? I know it is not good for him to be stocked here but at the same time I don’t want him to go. I didn’t get to say goodby before he died and this is what is tormenting me.


Think of it this way Atena – it will be easier for him to visit you once he’s crossed over, than it is now. It took him two years to either get your attention, or build up enough energy to make his presence felt. What was he like as a living person? Did he have lots of patience? He might run out of that and try and find someone else to visit, who can sense him more easily, or you might have to wait another two years for a visit .. once he crosses he’ll have infinite energy, no more pain, physical or emotional, from being alive, and the freedom to come and go to heaven to suit himself.

The other thought is that the longer a ghost is trapped on the planet the sadder, angrier and hungrier each of them gets. In the end they are simply looking for a meal .. and your energy should not be that meal. I doubt your boyfriend would have wanted to treat you that way when he was alive, so why push him to the point where he has to when he’s dead?

I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it is the truth. Help him to cross over, so that he can come back to visit .. and, for you .. remember you are still alive, and supposed to be living your life as a happy and loving person. Hanging on to someone who has died stops you from doing that. Honour his memory by finding peace with his passing and move on yourself. He won’t mind. You will see him again, if not in this lifetime, then he’ll be waiting when its your turn to cross over .. in the far distant future.

Love & Peace

I feel it was definitely him. And he is sorry to have left you and that you are sad. I had a boyfriend who I knew in my last life. He came into my life this time to finish what we did not get to complete in that life. We were extremely connected and when he moved away I would wake in the night and smell him and see the imprint of his body in my bed. Dead or alive connections withhold can be so strong that this atmosphere does not keep them apart. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to come back to say goodbye. Sometimes this is because you are so grief stricken that you are not emotionally ready and then they appear when they know you are receptive. What a wonderful blessing you were given. He is always around you.