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Haunting Dreams That Continue Every Night

My daughter has had very vivid dreams for about a year now. Many of them were a struggle between Jesus and the devil. They are like a story that never ends and as time has went by new people (ghost)have emerged. They talk to her and she can hear them talking about her. They try to get her to stay from her Christian beliefs.

In her dreams they come from the wall which she sleeps by. There is a chain that links from her heart and there has always been someone else attached to the other end. The chain is long and goes through hell but it doesn’t stop there. She isn’t sure where it ends.

As time goes by there seems to be more and more people in her dreams. It would be hard to fully explain without writing a long story. What could these people want from her? She struggles every time she falls asleep with this.

I hope someone can help me figure this out.

Asked by Nina

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Hello Nina,

You did not say how old your daughter is, and before I start talking about the challenges of being a medium – has your daughter been checked for schizophrenia? I ask this to eliminate the possibility.

There is a power struggle in heaven, personified by humanity as being between Jesus and the devil, and because of your daughter’s religious beliefs she might see visions in this form. The visions might also be being given to her by ghosts who hold these religious views. So let’s move the ghosts along to somewhere they stop disturbing her sleep.

At the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation. If your daughter is an adult she will have to do the Invocation for herself, but if she’s under 13, or you think its more suitable, you can say it for her. The instructions are on the webpage, so read them carefully, before saying it like you mean it. You’ll see its a request through Jesus Christ, to get assistance to clear negative energy of all sorts of forms from her life.

Then, to make sure she doesn’t have to suffer like this again, beneath the Michael link is one for White Light Shields. There’s a house shield on that page that keeps entities out of the building. I heartily recommend it. The personal shield keeps things like chains from reattaching. Both shields are very simple to use, either being visualised or commanded into existence. They do make a difference!

Why are there increasing numbers of ghosts around your daughter .. basically because ghosts attract ghosts, and so does her fear and frustration. If you remove the problem by using the Invocation and the shields, things should settle down. If the problem persists have her checked for schizophrenia, because sometimes people with this illness are not just haunted by ghosts, but also have to learn to distinguish them from the voices in their own minds.

Wishing you both a peaceful night,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
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