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Was This Elf Like Creature An Alp?

(note: I received this not as a question but as a story. The story does bring up a question though, and a very interesting one – CareTaker)

The past 5 years I have noticed that a lot of paranormal things have happened to me. It’s not a matter of looking for things and wishing to see them they just appear when I’m going about my business. (Shadows and sense that someone is with me)

I do see myself as an opened minded person, but never truly believed. Until one night maybe 3 years ago….

I woke up in the middle of the night. I don’t remember why but I was woken suddenly and felt very awake. I was looking around my room when my eyes were drawn to my bedroom door. Sometimes when I wake I see things or people floating around (Sill in dream state).

So anyway… My eyes were drawn to a small black figure near my door. As usual I stared at it expecting it to fade away. But it didn’t. They more my eyes adjusted to the dark, the more I could see what it was. Okay so the best I can describe to you was that it looked like Dobby the elf from Harry potter. As soon as I realized, this was real I sat up in a panic. I always sleep with my phone and it was on top of the covers. As my phone flew across the room between me and the thing it reacted. I screamed. It’s facial emotions were scared and it moved back into the corner. This was the biggest blood curdling scream. And I wish I hadn’t done it. It seemed afraid of me or shocked. I turned my lights on and it was gone. My parents then came running down the hall.

I told my dad that I had seem something and his response was “was it the old lady with grey hair, floating in the air from shoulders up?” I said no but I was terrified because I had also seen the old lady.

Ever since that night I cannot sleep alone. If I am alone it’s with a light so I can see around me room.

The worst part of this is, a few months later I got a speeding fine. And sitting in the back seat was my little elf friend. He was kind of glowing. I knew exactly who it was as soon as I saw the picture.

alpI have done some research into this guy. According to Wikipedia (not sure that’s a good source) it is known as an ‘alp’.

It haunts females, it comes at night (probably why I haven’t seen it when my light is on) and it haunts people’s dreams. I am of german origin and this creature is from german folklore. I find the coincidences too important to ignore. (Link provided by author)

This is one of my many stories.

Thank you for reading.


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Hi Anon – a fascinating story.

A few years ago and elemental followed me home from Devon, after we’d been there to view a property with a view to buy.

Like your “alp” it was very nervous at first, but it wasn’t long before it was getting into mischief and making itself at home.

I think my elemental was ‘man-made’ in as much as it seemed so baby-like (not to look at, just in attitude). Over time, it grew in confidence and learned quickly. But, whenever I asked it it’s name, or what I should call it, it simply said “I’m It”. So, I called it TI’m as I really didn’t want to go around chatting to an It – lol!

Eventually, little Tim decided to leave ‘home’ after one-too-many tellings off for being cheeky. It found a family of gnomes and settled in nicely with them. It does pop back occasionally to see me – and has even introduced me to it’s new family. I love the fact it keeps in touch.

Don’t be afraid of your Alp for it is more wary of you than you are of it. Talk to it. Enjoy the experience of meeting an elemental – they really are quite fun once they get to know you …….. although, they can be michevious!


Hello Anon,

The little man also sounds like an elemental to me, a nature spirit, who can take on many forms, including that of little men. I once met one in my garage at about 6.00am. It was still dark. He gave me a lecture about the garden, what my mother and I could, and couldn’t, do in ‘their’ territory, and then went away again. He was a gnome, an earth elemental. I’ve met others, the fairy folk, on other properties in that town. They are generally not harmful, quite often bossy :-), and love nature far more than they like humanity.

Your visitor obviously has emotions, and probably found you fascinating, which is why he might follow you around for a while. I doubt he had anything to do with the speeding ticket. Have you seen him lately?

Given the description on the webpage link, unless the being is trying to have sex with you, its not an alp. The description is of an incubus, a sexual demon, and it would not have been frightened when the phone fell onto the floor. Did the entity look like the being in that photograph, or simply like a little funny-shaped man?

Love & Peace

Hello! I was the one who posted this story! Thank you for your replies I didn’t expect any! However my story does not sound the same! I have not seen ‘him’ in a while but I can always sense when he is around. However I’m not convinced it is always him, I am visited by numerous ‘things’ mostly at night when I wake up. What has intersted me the most is I met a friend of a friend who has had a similar experience. He did not know about my experience yet we share a similar one. He suffers from sleep apneoa because he said these little white elf things come at night and bite him. That sounded terrible and by the sound of things his experiences sound a lot worse than mine. After telling him my story he was shocked and very interested in finding out the connections. We are both of german origin.

Recently, I had another experience (one of many) where I woke up and a little figure was standing next to my bed (it was right there because I sleep on my side so I saw it as my eyes opened). It scared me and I jumped, woke my partner up and then it was climbing on the sealing, then disappeared. The only thing is I couldn’t make out if it was elf ears or horns. I have had experiences in my house and my partners house. My partners family (his mum, grandpa and sister) also see things but my partner isn’t interested when I tell him. I think it scares him. I have seen a medium who says I’m just in touch with the spirit world. I get scared easily so perhaps what I think are bad things are actually nothing scary at all.

I will have to look into elementals now!
P.s I can’t sleep without someone else in the room or a light! Any tips!
Thanks C.R

This creature haunts my dreams, he sits in my closet trying to lure me in and then plays tricks on me taking me to terrify places. Catacombs of death, I always thought he was just a nightmare I had a couple times a year and then I did some research on him and discovered he was an alalp. I try not to think about him cause then I have nightmares about him.

Hi Josh,

Where did you discover an entity called an alalp? Or is the spelling wrong? I cannot find any information on it.

In the meantime, scroll to the bottom section of this webpage and you’ll find a link to White Light Shields. Learn them and use them. That should keep any entity away from you that you have not invited to play.

Love & Peace

Alp is what I meant.

I just know its not friendly and it resembles the golem from lord of the rings and ibe been dreaming about it since before any of them movies came out. It scares me real bad.

Ive done a lot of research on alps and nothing I read works, to stop the nightmares.

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