Strange Creatures

Was This Elf Like Creature An Alp?

(note: I received this not as a question but as a story. The story does bring up a question though, and a very interesting one – CareTaker)

The past 5 years I have noticed that a lot of paranormal things have happened to me. It’s not a matter of looking for things and wishing to see them they just appear when I’m going about my business. (Shadows and sense that someone is with me)

I do see myself as an opened minded person, but never truly believed. Until one night maybe 3 years ago….

I woke up in the middle of the night. I don’t remember why but I was woken suddenly and felt very awake. I was looking around my room when my eyes were drawn to my bedroom door. Sometimes when I wake I see things or people floating around (Sill in dream state).

So anyway… My eyes were drawn to a small black figure near my door. As usual I stared at it expecting it to fade away. But it didn’t. They more my eyes adjusted to the dark, the more I could see what it was. Okay so the best I can describe to you was that it looked like Dobby the elf from Harry potter. As soon as I realized, this was real I sat up in a panic. I always sleep with my phone and it was on top of the covers. As my phone flew across the room between me and the thing it reacted. I screamed. It’s facial emotions were scared and it moved back into the corner. This was the biggest blood curdling scream. And I wish I hadn’t done it. It seemed afraid of me or shocked. I turned my lights on and it was gone. My parents then came running down the hall.

I told my dad that I had seem something and his response was “was it the old lady with grey hair, floating in the air from shoulders up?” I said no but I was terrified because I had also seen the old lady.

Ever since that night I cannot sleep alone. If I am alone it’s with a light so I can see around me room.

The worst part of this is, a few months later I got a speeding fine. And sitting in the back seat was my little elf friend. He was kind of glowing. I knew exactly who it was as soon as I saw the picture.

alpI have done some research into this guy. According to Wikipedia (not sure that’s a good source) it is known as an ‘alp’.

It haunts females, it comes at night (probably why I haven’t seen it when my light is on) and it haunts people’s dreams. I am of german origin and this creature is from german folklore. I find the coincidences too important to ignore. (Link provided by author)

This is one of my many stories.

Thank you for reading.