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I Think I Have A Gift/Curse & I Feel Loved Ones Emotions From Afar

Hi I am retired paramedic who started on 911 ambulance calls at 19 years old. I’m 2 years removed & am 47 y/o now. I have always had ability to know when people have been critically ill/fatal conditions without surgical intervention w/little to no symptoms.

Now I have been overwhelmed when I concentrate on family or close friends-which are few I get weird feeling when lied to & have always felt w/no evidence when my life has been in danger. I should have lost my life in line of duty 7 times but received scratches.

My wife is stunned constantly when she says what’s wrong an I will tell her some one family or friend is in dark place only 2 discover the next day something bad or emotionally distressing had occurred when I speak 2 them later that day or day after. I am a bit terrified what in heavens name is wrong with me, I do not have mental health issues get regular check ups every 3 months for arthritis don’t drink or drug, no PTSD either. Much love for your input/ guidance, much love

Asked by Eric W

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Hi Eric,

There is nothing wrong with you. By the description you give, you are a ‘medical intuitive’ (you can research that on the net) and suffer from empathy .. both are spiritual gifts. Empathy is when you can read the emotions of others, and can be particularly strong with family members and friends that you love, no matter how far away they are from you. I say people suffer from it, because they do. It can be totally overwhelming when it happens. And you can be overburdened just walking into a supermarket, or when you touch someone, even by accident.

Let me suggest that you scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link to White Light Shields. Learn the personal ones and use them. Learn the house ones and use them too, when you are really feeling exhausted by it all.

And then, perhaps, you might like to learn how to control your medical intuitive gift and help people with it. There are training courses. Check on the net for them. If you find one you like, ask to meet the teacher in person, or talk on the phone, and see how you ‘feel’ about them, before starting to learn from them. You will know if its the right teacher or not, for you.

And if I can help with anything else, please ask.

Love & Peace

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