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Was It A Ghost Or Not?

My names Alice, I’m 15 old years I live in Ireland, Halloween night me and 6 of us were going trick or treating. My friends mam didn’t have enough room in her car so she took three of us at a time. She brought the first three and dropped them at the shop and came back to get us.

While they were gone me and my friends were waiting in the sitting room when we heard someone running around upstairs (we were the only ones in the house) we got scared so ran outside waiting for her mam when we went through the door my friends mam had this Halloween decoration the sensor when you went under it. When all three of us were outside we heard the noise from sensor in from the decoration.

This is not all that’s happened my friends been so scared in the house that she’s hidden in her stable.

We’ve none some research and have found out it’s a famine road, I’m just wondering if it’s just a misunderstanding or if somethings going on.

My friends not scared anymore she’s just gotten used to it, but I’m just querious.

Thank you for your time

Asked by Alice

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Hi Alice,

It sounds as if your friend has a ghost in her house. They are generally not harmful, but what they are is lost souls, and can use help in finding peace and healing. Yes, people do get used to being haunted, but part of the haunting process is to drain energy from the living, which can end up making everyone in the household tired, cold, sick and sometimes create mental illnesses .. so its better to have a clear house.

Has your friend told her parents what she experienced, or what you three experienced? If not it might be a good idea. The parents could then arrange for a priest to come and bless the house, which will help the ghost find peace. Otherwise, at the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation which your friend could either ask her parents to use, or do herself since she’s older than 13, to clear her home.

Love & Peace