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Dream Of Being Naked In Wilderness

I had a dream of being gleefully naked in wilderness, then wallet and clothes stolen

I’m going through quite a time. Recovery from childhood abuse is prominent – stress and realizations coming out in a few ways including dreams. Also I’m having a lot of financial difficulty – I took a business risk and so far it’s just resulted in debt that restricts me a ton.

I traveled recently to the ocean because I needed to, and there I was able to relax and sleep well for the first time in a decade. When I returned home, it was clear that more stress from abuse and finances was bubbling to the surface and being released as a result of being in an unusual relaxed state.

Below I describe the last and most complicated dream I had after returning from the trip. I was meditating and was able to relax enough to sleep and dream. Usually I don’t dream at all because I can’t sleep.

The dream:

I put my clothes in a locked locker in what looked like a train station in India so I could go on a nature hike with a group of men on a bright sunny day. For some reason we wore no clothes. First we walked across a tall, stone catwalk (looked like a Roman aqueduct). From there I looked down to my right at ancient rock or concrete that had been weathered deeply by water. There were dark, round pools of blackish water a few feet deep or deeper connected and all over like Swiss cheese, carved out in concrete or stone. It was like an ancient stone-cut canal that had been abandoned. The water didn’t seem to move much. My reaction to it wasn’t pleasant. Didn’t look like water I wanted to get into. The water may have been stagnant and with all the rocks, it looked dangerous to jump into from the catwalk.

Then we were in the wilderness, like a humid jungle, naked, in a line, walking over vines on dense jungle floor. It was no more difficult than walking over sticks barefoot – slow but steady progress. No dense weeds to chop through – just careful, barefoot stepping. I was so happy. I thought in the dream that I was so happy to be with God and just appreciated being there at all, walking to an unknown place.

When we returned to the train station where I’d left my clothes and wallet in a locker, I discovered that I’d been robbed. There was a brief vision of the wallet – old, brown leather full of credit cards and others. Mine is not actually old brown leather, but it was my wallet in the dream. I was certain the wallet would turn up, but a policewoman or female guard in a gold-ish brown uniform told me it was gone. I realized I’d been scammed. Some crooks had access to my locker. I think I saw them – pick-pocket, rag-wearing children who somehow had watched me put my stuff in the locker then stole it. I turned away, just wondering what was next.

The end.

The other dream of the few I had recently that confuses me is a skinny, spindly crab with skinny claws as long as its body. I think it came out of my luggage in the dream. I was in the shower standing on dark blue towels I’d dumped in there. The crab unraveled itself, then clumsily came after me crawling over the towels.
The end.

Because of lack of sleep, I rarely dream. Since returning from the trip, on which I relaxed more than I have in years, I had three nights of intense dreams. Then none. I haven’t slept much since.

Any help would be appreciated. This was a very unusual three-night stint of dreams. I only described two. I had more than one a night. I never dream three nights in a row, and these were very vivid and emotional.



Asked by Mick

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Hello Mick,

What fascinating dreams. Our minds provide the imagery from which we can interpret what we are saying to ourselves subconsciously, so, without further questioning, I can only give you a general impression .. but truthfully, its quite easy to see that the dream about being naked in the jungle was a representation of you crossing a threshold in your spiritual journey. Let me explain:

To begin with, you were starting a journey – there’s a saying ‘life is a like a train ride, we all get off at our own particular station’.

In dreams our clothes can represent how we see ourselves (or feel about ourselves), or how others see us – physically, emotionally and spiritually. You stripped off your clothes, the mask you wear to show (or protect) yourself to others, and went ‘naked’ (like a newborn baby) into the world (among other men).

I don’t know if you’ve heard this phrase “Build a bridge and get over it”. My grown up kids are using it to tell people to let go of whatever is hurting them and move forward. In your catwalk/bridge scene, so clearly based in the past (Roman ruins), you crossed the ‘murky waters’ of your past emotional suffering, and knew you did not want to go back there.

On the other side you entered a jungle, the meaning of which is ‘confused spiritual state’, but instead of confusion, you made your way carefully, safely, and in the presence of God. You found something unexpected, peace of mind and happiness.

Back to the train station, to find the old self has been ‘stolen’ away. Some ‘children’ poor and helpless, who might represent others who have been through the same traumatic experiences as you, now might have what you had/experienced .. do you truly want it back? Instead you turned away from that part of your past and wondered ‘what next’? What will be the new adventure.

Now .. apply the message. Every time you remember something from the past that hurts, remind yourself that you chose to get over it and let go of the past. Our ego/mind likes to keep us small and frightened, but your subconscious mind is telling you you don’t need to decide to feel that way anymore. Congratulations, time to move on.

Crab dream .. did it happen before or after the jungle dream …?

Towels, in dreams, symbolise absorbing negativity. Standing under a shower, with the water washing over you, and through you, you might have released some small event/emotion/fear, with a long reach (from the far past) that needs to be examined.

Crab is defined as ‘negative personality or situation’. If the dream happened after the jungle one, it is possible that there is one small issue that still needs to be dealt with. What you could do is bring the crab to mind and decide to have a conversation with it. As strange as that might sound, it works very well. Ask the crab to tell you what it is about, or what it represents inside you. Don’t judge the answer, or trouble and double-guess the answer, whatever comes to you will probably be right. Question the answer .. say the crab was a particular person .. ask it what you need to do to have it let go? You might find you have to apologise to yourself, or someone else .. and if you can’t do that in person, you can bring the person’s face to mind and apologise that way, or write them a letter and burn it. Don’t edit it while doing so .. this is an exercise in letting go of the past .. so let it be written out of your mind and then disappear in smoke.

My next thought would be – what was it about the ocean that let you sleep? Can you buy a CD with the sound of the ocean on it, to play at night, to remind you of the peace and safety you felt when there, to help you sleep better? Or certainly talk to your doctor about it .. we all function better with a decent night’s sleep.

Well done! You are obviously progressing well in your healing.

Love & Peace