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Spirit Photograph?

So I recently was given an antique album which had pictures of different people from the 40s era. As I was looking at them I started to feel a little emotional but I had brushed it off and kept on looking at each picture in the album.

None of them are family members or people that I would be able to have any relation with and after a short time as I still was looking at them one picture had caught my eye and it was a picture portrait woman with a bridal gown and for no reason at all I started feeling more emotional and I actually had began to cry.

Even now after I finished looking at them I still have this feeling of sadness and tightness in my chest and before I looked at the album I felt perfectly fine, could this mean anything or is it just my mind playing tricks with me?

Asked by Elizabeth

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Hello Elizabeth,

How old are you now? There are two possibilities here ..

1. the album was the property of a, or the, lady in the photo that made you emotional .. in which case she should be crossed into heaven .. or ..

2. if you are young enough to have been alive in the 40’s, the picture might actually be of you – that would explain the emotional reaction to something you have not seen before. We subconsciously remember who we were in past lives.

I go with number 2.

To cross someone into heaven just say “Archangel Michael, please Find the lady in the photo and Take her into healing”. The Michael angels know exactly what to do.

Love & Peace