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Should I Cleanse My Home?

So I’ve always believed in spirits. In fact, every time a family member dies, I know 2 weeks in advance or about that time because I’ll have nightmares. Usually a past relative will visit in my dreams.

So, this week I’ve been having nightmares, but I haven’t seen any visiting family members in my dreams. I take it as a good thing! I invited my mom into my house. The moment we stepped into my house, it smelled like a vanilla candle was just blown out.

I asked my mom if she smelled it too, and she thought that I had candles lit before she came over.

Then we both felt a very calming and quiet presence. This is one I haven’t experienced. Is that a good or bad thing?

Asked by amber

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Hi Amber,

Being a spirit rescuer, and often haunted, I don’t find having a ghost in the house is a bad experience, just not the type you want to have hanging around all the time.

Perhaps your claircognisance (precognition .. knowing something will happen before it does) is becoming strong enough that you can sense when a spirit that is not connected to your family is there, or perhaps one of the others in your family came for a visit .. is there an anniversary or birthday anytime soon, perhaps for a female, given the scent of candles?

Otherwise I recommend you ask your angels for help in crossing your visitor into heaven ..

“Archangel Michael, please Find the ghost who left the vanilla scent and Take him/her into healing”.

I use the request constantly, whenever I feel haunted.

Love & Peace

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