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Vibrating Or Shaking Bed And Chair

Hi my name is Nancy and my question is are there any other people out there who when they go to bed and not necessarily to sleep this happens when fully awake just watching TV.

Lately this has been happening when I am not in bed at all like when I’ve gone out back to the smoking room to relax and have a smoke. What I’m talking about is feeling my bed I’m in or the chair I happen to be sitting in starts to vibrate like for example you have a washing machine thats slightly off balance while on the spin cycle so that you can feel the shaking all over your house.

Well thats as close to whats HAPPENING to me as I can describe. I know this is real because a few times I’m not alone when this happens and I’ve asked my friends to feel my bed or chair and tell me if thay feel the same vibrating and wow are thay surprised when thay feel it.

What could this be? It’s been going on for like two or three years now and is happening more often thank you.

Asked by Nancy

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I’ve just recently experienced this, this morning. Last night i couldn’t sleep and spent most of my night chain smoking and watching rubbish on tv. My boyfriend who I’ve only just moved in with was out at a football match and wasn’t going to be back till early hours of the morning. He came back about 3am and went to sleep in the loft in the spare bed because he snores something terrible when he’s been drinking! I still couldn’t sleep and didn’t end up drifting off till about 6am!
9:30 rolls around and I’m woken up by what felt like someone judging or pushing my mattress (not bed because it would’ve made a noise) trying to get me to wake up! At first I thought my heart was beating fast and my body was just moving more (all the nicotine the night before possibly? I dunno) so rolled over and it continued on and off for an hour- some shakes more violent than others but not so much to make me think of the scene out of the excorcist.
Since moving in I’ve noticed my cat wanting to be with me all the time and watching things move across walls, like it can see something, which has been creeping me out for weeks! And now this has happened, I don’t know whether to be afraid or not now, I also would like a little bit of reassuance or advice.
Asked by Charlotte