I believe My Next Door Neighbors House Is Haunted Or Possessed

I believe strongly that my next door neighbors house is haunted/possessed…

I have seen shadow figures several times in 2 rooms through the windows facing my house. Easy for me to see in because he never had curtains up. It was always open. He in time got extremely hateful and I had lots of bad experiences from him but then he died in the house.. was found with blood coming out of every opening in his body. Blood all in the bedroom. And bloody hand prints all over the walls.

In hindsight I wished I would have taken pictures. The new tenants which was his previous boss and family moved in. Was nice and then got to be real hateful and then we started having problems out of them also as neighbors. I did take a picture of the dad one day and in the smoke that was bellowing up from the woodfire he was burning was a clear demonic face right above where his shoulders were staring at me.

Then months later his grown son that also lived there stuck a gun in his mouth and shot him self . The parents have not stepped one foot back on the property but they got someone to house sit. Since this second death in this house I have found out that their has been 2 or 3 other previous deaths in this house.

The house sitter has been having parties/a lot of people over. I have put up Trail cameras that monitor my property line and I he house is directly in complete view of my cameras. The cameras have caught several different figures demonic entities manifesting in the front porch/front yard area.. cameras have also caught 3 different ghost/spirits in the Attic window. 2 not looking scary s 1 looking demonic.. my husband has seen the demonic looking one in the attic window looking down watching him in Our backyard. There is a lock on the outside of the attic window. I was also wondering why would the lock be on the outside?

The camera also caught a cloud looking mist hovering over one of the people that was walking out of the house..

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed

Asked by Racheale


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