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Seeing A Red Figure Outside My House

So I was awake all night till morning whilst it was dark I took a smoke, I hear clearly someone call my name and I looked everywhere no one was to be seen until I noticed I red figure under the street lamp and I couldn’t see clearly if it was a person or something.

When I woke up check the place where I saw the red figure and there was nothing there, now it’s night again and it’s there again right now I don’t know if I should approach it or ignore it? any advice?

Asked by SimplyMe

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If you see this figure again then perhaps you should try to take a photo. Or perhaps you could have a friend or family member look at it with you to see what they say about it. What type of area or neighborhood do you live in? I would not recommend that you try to approach it, especially late at night.

I agree with Caretaker, you should not approach a figure you cannot recognise. Taking a photo, or asking a friend or family member to also view the figure, will confirm if it is actually there, or a part of your imagination, or a visitation of some kind.

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