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Uncontrollable Tears Running Down My Eyes

I’ve been having an unusual and overwhelming emotional feeling (not happy or sad, more like a surge of mixed emotions) this often is followed by uncontrollable tears running down my eyes…

Please can someone explain this to me?


Asked by Amajua

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Hi Amajua

We all surpress things in our lives. It may be a traumatic event from our childhood, it may be something we’ve struggled to forgive ourselves for doing or saying, it may well be a memory long since forgotten in our conscious state.

Sometimes, these suppressed emotions bubble up to the surface, even if we don’t remember them. Maybe something in your recent past has sparked off emotions from years back?? Maybe your conscious mind is trying to remember what that is?

It might help to keep a diary, noting when you had these tears and what you were doing, or where you were at the time it happened. This might help you to remember.


That’s a really good answer AJ.

Hello again Amajua,

My other thought is that if this has come on suddenly you could be doing too things –

1) expressing world pain – I had a friend who cried pretty much nonstop for about 6 months, a few years ago. She could never work out why until the end.

2) you might have a ghost around you who is grieving. To test that theory, at the bottom of this page is the Michael Invocation – look it up and say it for yourself. If you stop crying .. it was a ghost, or some other being .. affecting your emotions.

Wishing you well,

Love & Peace

I am agree with A.J.Ryder. My this state is because of a psychic pressure relating to an event in your recent past life for example a past psychic shock or depressing.Also may it relates to your nerves system therefore you must refer to a doctor for a test