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How Many Souls Are There?

How many souls are there in creation?

Thank you.

Asked by Am_ju

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Hello Aj

your respond is a more acceptable answer. God say to we humans : ” you don’t know about soul except a bit “

My guess would be somewhere between one and infinity. Closest I can guess.

Good question. Unquantifiable, unfortunately….but good question.

I like to entertain a lot of possibilities. I tend to think that’s one of the reasons for imagination. That said, I have considered a cosmos, where there is only God (more appropriately, “Source” as I have no reason to believe “God” is not of source…but could be the same entity). This would mean we are ALL, fragments of God.

Then there is the concept of time…which from a philosophical, scientific and spiritual standpoint seems to be relative and different than how other beings process “the space between”. Well, then it would be a question of “when are you asking….currently?” If over all-time….then it’s probably closer to infinite.

Some believe the number hasn’t changed…only the physical manifestations each soul is responsible for has increased, while the more popular theory is that souls are born quite regularly (not cited, mind you…purely from personal observations/interviews/conversations).


Hello Am_ju,

Great question! I would love to know why you asked?

My answer .. there is only one ‘soul’ broken into many fragments, each of those fragments is a perfect ‘spirit’, a perfect creation of ‘source’ that is learning about itself through interaction, and then returning to ‘source’ to share the lessons. It began as only ONE, it will end as only ONE. The Christians called it God, the Muslims Allah (and every society has so many other names for it) .. it has more than one name, but it is only ONE being.

Love & Peace

Mmmmm….even the Tao comes to mind with that, Ama!
Interesting, the similarities that resonate through a LOT of sacred scripts.

Mostly, I like the way you said that. Very powerful and poetic description.
Always look forward to your responses!


Other thought, Siddle .. the one in pieces means there are an infinite number of spirits possible. Given that society is growing in population, but very few new souls seems to be popping up .. perhaps we have reached some sort of limit? Kind of like the Mayan calendar running out of days 5125 years after it was created?

Love & Peace

Yeah, that makes sense.
Also have read a lot of forums lately eluding to the fact that many incarnated souls from other worlds are coming to Earth. I really can’t speak to that, but from a Monroe/Newton perspective, it could be a valid argument.

On the other hand if those in the Edgar Cayce pool of thought prevail, it’s more that increasing numbers of souls are coming to Earth for learning because this is a volatile time on this planet (more wars, famine, economic downturn, etc…)

My question: If any of the above is true, why does it seem so much like there are more new souls? I hate to judge like this, but it seems there are a lot more disorganized, aloof and painfully self-centred people these days. Also, do you know how this fits into the concept of the root races? Is this influx of souls a precursor to sixth root?

Or am I just misunderstanding your contrast between “souls” and “spirits”?


Hey Siddle,

Do you really meet new souls, or are they simply people overwhelmed by the energy of the world – twisted in knots by the challenges we are all facing, living in fear of so much – starvation, failure on all sorts of levels, other people’s opinions, etc etc – old souls can get caught up in this stuff too, when the weight of their problems gets too much to bear. Of course we can talk ourselves out of some attitudes, but the elders of our society are no longer honoured for their wisdom (hopefully they had some), and when you are living on the street, although you are a very wise person, who listens to you .. and if no one listens eventually we even stop talking to ourselves .. or worse, start listening to the ‘other’ voices that have suddenly started popping up in our heads.

My question has to be ‘what changed in the energy that is switching on so many people to their psychic gifts’ when they have no understanding or training, or belief – thanks to various societal ‘norms’ and groups that say this stuff is the ‘work of the devil’. One example is that we have gifted mediums at the age of two .. who do not grow out of their gifts, scare the hell out of their mind-blind parents, and, like me, get shoved in a (hopefully non-literal) cupboard and told its not ‘normal’ to be ourselves. Oh, I’m a forerunner .. though there’s quite a few of us about. It’s the kids of today I’m talking about. The rules have changed, the boundaries of good manners and certain standards of behaviour are gone .. and people no longer think about others as they struggle to survive. And that includes ‘old souls’, the ones you would expect more from …

I see where you are coming from .. its not new souls, Siddle, its old ones who have lost their way. And perhaps these kids are the sixth root race, but .. another question .. will there be a planet for them to grow up on?

Fear drives the human ego, and human egos drive society. In this struggle to ‘survive’ (at whatever resplendant level our egos demand of us), people have forgotten how to care (love) for themselves, and this translates into desperate behaviours, and forgetting (or choosing not) to be responsible 1) for what they feel, think and do, and 2) for other people. In a society where everyone was responsible for everyone else, the boundaries are tight, but they are understandable, and they provide support for everyone, in a general sense. When the governments of various countries decided that children should not be punished .. heck no, punish the parents instead, for discipling a child (suitable disciple, not abuse) .. the parents stopped putting down the boundaries – laying down rules for the kids to follow – so the two year old tantrum turned into a five year old brat, into a twelve year old that thinks it can get away with ‘anything’ and usually does .. might turn into a teen vandal .. but when s/he becomes an adult .. has no idea how to disciple his/her own kids .. or worse, starts producing kids in early teens .. when they have not even had a chance to stop being a child yet.

What is the outcome .. ‘here we go again’ .. society implodes.

Cayce talked about Atlantis. In my opinion Atlantis existed. I have memories – certainly of its implosion. The society reached a certain point .. but instead of crossing into say .. Light .. they chose to fall back into darkness, just as our society is doing the same thing now. I personally wonder if all of this ‘slide’ started with the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan .. 10,000 people reached 10,000 degrees in 10 seconds .. man’s inhumanity to man on a BRUTAL scale, but we have the example of Atlantis, and then there’s bits and pieces of Lemuria and Mu? My son is a pessimist .. he is expecting us to blow ourselves up .. there are lots of his friends who feel the same. They live for the moment, because the moment is all they have .. but they don’t live for Love .. they often have no idea what that is, no matter how much they were loved as children. They are the parents of these bright new children .. what hope do the children have?

Hope .. that’s what is missing. Hope for a future where some idiot doesn’t push ‘the little red button’ and blow up the planet, or cover it in toxic pollution. Hope that we can learn to ‘love one another’ all over again ..

.. and those painfully disorganised people are not new souls, they are hurt ones. We wear our wounds on the outside, because there are no rules now that say ‘hide how you feel so as not to hurt other people’. It’s good that people can show how they feel, but they are not doing it in safe places, but everywhere. It leads to them being more hurt, by those who are stronger than them (while equally wounded, or worse) who take advantage of their vulnerability, to satisfy their own need to feel ‘stronger’ in a hostile environment.

What are we going to do about it?

Love & Peace

Meanings …

Soul –

1. The animating and vital principle in humans, credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity.
2. The spiritual nature of humans, regarded as immortal, separable from the body at death, and susceptible to happiness or misery in a future state.
3. The disembodied spirit of a dead human.
4. A human: “the homes of some nine hundred souls” (Garrison Keillor).
5. The central or integral part; the vital core:

Spirit –

a. The vital principle or animating force within living beings.
b. Incorporeal consciousness.
2. The soul, considered as departing from the body of a person at death.
3. Spirit The Holy Spirit.
4. A supernatural being, as:
a. An angel or a demon.
b. A being inhabiting or embodying a particular place, object, or natural phenomenon.
c. A fairy or sprite.

If you compare 1) in each, you’ll find they are much the same thing.

From the Free Dictionary online.

Love & Peace

Dear Ama,

If we all are just a part of one soul which are broken into fragments then why is that someone is rich in this world and someone is poor what is the reason why different people are living different lifestyles,

Hello Dash333

The answer is very simple. Free will = Choice. What we decide to experience in this particular lifetime. Before we come into the world we decide all the major experiences, all the major lessons, and then we are born. We also bring karma from previous lives into each lifetime, to learn from, and to repay – so that you might be rich in one lifetime, and then poor in the next .. and its all about learning life lessons such as Love, Generosity, Faith, Abundance, Truth, Fragility .. so many ..

Great question.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama, i asked the question because, thinking over the belief of rebirth which the soul is not anihilated but transformed to another life; it then implies that no new soul is truely created anymore than already exist. Well, i maybe wrong in my thought, only need more light.. Thanks always..Amaju.

Hi Am_ju,

When I first got into the new age industry, which was about 12 years ago (feels far longer), there seemed to be a multitude of new souls about, or were they simply new ‘seekers’? The innocence of these people was fascinating. They didn’t suffer the anger (see my answer to Siddle) .. but they certainly didn’t seem to understand humanity at all. Have we become so jaded in the years since then? The energy of the world is very negative, and the innocent very seldom cope, so the life lessons come fast and hard, and they learn, or disappear. The volume of new souls vanished within five years, and the children being born today, are born with gifts that should only come with maturity, in my opinion. There are few trainers out there for a two year old medium, and some nine year olds I know are besieged by ghosts .. but they lack the capacity to fix the situation, or the commonsense needed to stay away from it .. and if the parents find it fascinating as well, the whole thing is a spiral into a pack load of trouble. And then there are the little ones who understand the way of Spirit far better than the majority of us .. but no one really listens .. because an adult thinks its wiser than its child .. and they often aren’t.

I could rant on about this for hours .. but I won’t.

Love & Peace

Hi Amaju

I’m going to talk about Judaic beliefs, specifically the Kabbalistic concept, to try and answer your question.

According to the Kabbalah there are 10 choirs (or ranks) of angel, each representing an aspect, or part of God.

The 1st and highest ranking choir are the Hayot Ha Kodesh (Holy Animals) with the 10th rank being the Ishim (persons).

Now, according to philosophy, when the angels were created, there was a fixed number of beings made by God. This number remains exactly the same to this day as it was when God created those heavenly beings. They have neither increased, nor decreased in number. The only difference between the dawn of creation and now, is that one third of the heavenly realm rebelled against God and, therefore, became fallen. So now, two-thirds of the heavenly realm represent God whereas one third represent the dark side and thus, against God.

So, if the Ishim (persons) are considered to be a part of the heavenly realm then the theory must also apply to us, being that no new souls are made nor created, only continually being ‘recycled’ from one life to the next. And lets face it, the Bible is full of stories involving reincarnation ….. John the Baptist was alledged to have been Elijah reincarnated for a start!


I didn’t understand what is the meaning of this question and what is purpose of soul, do you mean humans’ soul?

Mans (you changed your name on me!) 🙂
I took the question to mean “how many souls” in general.
Some do not segregate the human soul from other souls…I suppose I’m one of those. The question is pretty relative….that’s why I liked it.


Hello Siddle

In a few thread some authors did mistake about my User name spelling and called me Manns instead of Manss so I decided to choose my real name Mans (Mansoor) for simplicity.

We can put all souls in paranormal subject also soul word is related to liver being which those are several groups
1- Human’s soul
2- angel’s soul
3- demon’s soul
4- animal’s soul

I have heard plants and herbs have the soul too but as I don’t know anything herein I relinquish these kinds of beings and omit those.

Every being’s soul is the source of his life and every being’s soul has been created with the various value , capacity, quality, temperament, wish and behavior limitation and tending to a top ideal. we can suppose every soul ( in a group of beings) is like a white paper which god has written some particular orders and statements for that being is and behave based on those and that being is not allowed ( is not capable ) move unlike and otherwise. Another Example is that : every similar group of being’s soul is like a software which it has been generated for a particular purpose and duty. such software are different from a perplexing level ,special value and activity.
Angel’s soul has been created from light. they have a fixed and unchangeable soul. It dose mean they are the god’s agent , don’t improve and don’t develop more than what god has assigned in their soul. Generally angels haven’t any instinct and desire
so they don’t go wrong and don’t move out of their duty and god,s command.

Animals’ soul wholly are earthy and relevant to instincts and desires.Those are not wise but have instinct intellect to attain their Requirement for food, proper place and coupling.These beings’ soul capacity and quality are fixed and unchangeable too. When an animal dies his soul goes forever and it never revive.

Human is The best and topmost creature in all universe.He is not an ordinary being with a limited and fixed soul. his soul capacity is unimaginable and his value is heavenly but plus to an earthy body with animal instinct and desires. God says about human : ” I blew from my soul in him (in his body) “. So Human’s soul is a great and so mysterious and also more unknown thing and is relative to god directly ( it doesn’t mean god has a soul and has given a part of it to human or human is relative to god’s essence ).So human has the two aspect. One is godly and heavenly and one is earthy and animally. If human tend to his heavenly dignity , fights with his instinct and desires and finds his loved one ( god) he will attain a dignity upper than angels and if he forgets his heavenly eminence and just tend to his instincts and lust he will fall down more than animals’ stair. Human’s soul never be destroyed he will return to its body in Judgment Day for account.

I haven’t much information about demons’ soul just know they are a group of intelligent being as human.They haven’t a fixed soul capacity and option so they can choose honesty or malfeasance and follow each one of those actions as human. Demons are lower than angels and human in creation but their soul remains after death and they will revive in doomsday for account against god.

In the end, I said human can goes over angels’ eminence. Those humans firstly are prophets and messengers and secondly every human follows them obediently and sincerely

Hello Mans, 🙂

You write great stuff! And your english is just fine.

I want to add something and debate some things to this interesting discussion.

The add is 5. elemental souls .. they are living beings too, created by God to supervise and cultivate natural beings (like plants), including our bodies. Plants are not seen as sentient, but I think that’s only because we do not have the capacity to communicate with them. Scientists have proved they respond in different ways to different sorts of music, and they project energy the same way we do .. Kirlian photography has proved that plants have auras that can be photographed, just as we do.

I love your description of the soul, but have to argue that angels souls are not fixed and unchanging. Their roles are fixed, and they are limited in their capacity to change (they cannot leave the group within which they were created), but they can grow within the heirarchy of their given group, and change from say a ‘warden’ to a ‘watcher’ (speaking of the Michael group as an example).

Animal souls .. they are not all relevant to instinct and desire. Many have an inner intelligence that is fascinating. I am thinking of wolves as I write this, and the intelligence it takes for one animal, such as a dog, to step beyond its programing and act independently – such as going for help to someone when their human has got him/herself into danger – or dogs that have walked 1000’s of miles across country to return to the home they know .. from a place they have never been to before. How do they do that? It takes a huge leap into reasoning that has nothing to do with instinct.

I also have to argue that an animal’s soul goes forever .. goes where? Heaven .. yes. In the last year or so I’ve had my cat Meg die and my dog Gus die, and both of them came back to visit our old house (we just moved house, which is why I’ve been absent so long) on numerous occasions. If their souls had vanished they would not have been doing that at all, and not just for me, but my husband and my other saw them too.

The human being is not the best and topmost creature in God’s creation. We are base animals hell-bent on our own survival. Put anyone you know into a survival (and I mean a real threatening situation) and see how they react. Yes, there are some truly wonderful people on the planet, but the majority .. have the same instincts as all the other animals around us.

I agree that the human beings’ capacity to grow and learn is amazing, great pity we don’t try harder in times of great stress and fear. The illusion that we have been created greater than the angels .. is just human arrogance. There were two streams of existence, first the angels, who were, as you said, mostly unchanging, and then humanity, who was given the gift of free will, so that it/we could change for the better. What do we do with our gift? Look at the world folks, where’s the light and love? It’s hidden in our need to survive, in our desire for ‘things’ to prove our own worth to others, when we do not have the courage to accept ourselves as we are, faults and all.

Things .. I just moved house. 70 boxes of ‘things’, only about 20 of those were about 1/3 of my books. At present we are recycling or just plain giving away, many of the ‘things’ we thought were so important we spent a lot of money moving them. We need to simplify our lives, and less furniture is the only answer. LOL

Demons are not daemon, but I do agree they can choose either good or evil. Mostly they choose the dark, to be lost in shadow. Sometimes, once in a while, a demon turns its back on the darkness and heads back towards God. God accepts it in, just as it does all of us. God gave the angels to right to fall, the free will, just for a moment, so that they could understand what humanity had, before giving them to us, to help us learn and grow. The outcome was the fallen, and those among them who are choosing to be redeemed. 🙂

Angels and demons are two different streams of creation, and neither is more important than the other, for they are entirely different. They were created to serve in different ways, and serve each other they do, when we choose to help the angels, as they have chosen to help us.

We have to stop thinking we are better than everything else, and every other being on the planet. It simply isn’t true. We are food, just like them .. it simply depends on who bites whom first.

Love & Peace

Hello AMA

What you explained about elemental being ( I called those herbs and plants ) is a fact specially when you said we haven’t enough capacity to communicate with them.Also I confirm what you said about scientist researching and finding about plants mysteries but as I said I don’t know about plants soul paranormally except a quote of god which he says to human : ” the seven heavens, the earth, and whosoever in them, exalt him. there is nothing that does not exalt with his praise, but you do not understand their exaltation…..”

I explained angels soul is fixed and unchangeable….. ( about what god has indoctrinated to each one of them ) and you explained : angels souls are not fixed and unchanging. Their roles are fixed, and they are limited in their capacity of change (they cannot leave the group within which they were created), but they can grow within the heirarchy of their given group, and change from say a ‘warden’ to a ‘watcher’ (speaking of the Michael group as an example). Both our explanation is similar in a part. If I said angel’s soul is fixed I did mean, their soul is not needy to learn more than what god has taught them to do a particular work so every angel due to amount of his knowledge works in a special duty bound which you mentioned it role. Also sometime god teaches them a new thing in necessity ( they are not able recognize a mystery upon what god has taught them before ). For example when god created human angels recognize him based on his animally attributes ( earthy attributes like instinct etc ) but they didn’t know anything about his great heavenly soul so they questioned god : do you want to create a being who does crime and bloodshed ……? Then god proved them who is human ( how much is his soul dignity and his heavenly value). Anyhow, but you said angel are improvable in their group.I don’t know or hear anything herein but as we both said every angel role or duty has been specified defined by god at first and they don’t need to be developed it seems misty.

AMA , with respect it is late ( 4.30 of morning) also I can’t write fast so I have to sleep, let me I send the rest of my comment then

Thank you

Hi Mans,
I will preface this with “I personally believe in reincarnation”….so we don’t meet eye to eye on some of this, but I thought it was a good point driven response.
But, if I may, I will respond with some of my traditional thoughts, based on Christian upbringing (yes, I’m trying to justify my Devil’s advocate response). 🙂

You said….
Angel’s soul has been created from light. they have a fixed and unchangeable soul. It dose mean they are the god’s agent , don’t improve and don’t develop more than what god has assigned in their soul. Generally angels haven’t any instinct and desire
so they don’t go wrong and don’t move out of their duty and god,s command.

But what about the fallen one? If you believe in the Devil (I don’t wish to make assumptions of your basis), then this statement becomes questionable. Wasn’t the Morning Star an angel at one time? Or are you saying that after that one, all angels were formed as you stated above?

And sorry…I wanted to respond to more of this–maybe later tonight. Been a busy day. So we’ll start with Angels, Mans. 🙂
(btw: Good to see you on here again….and I’m sorry if I was one of the forum people that eventually caused you to change the name…think I got it wrong a couple times over on TGT–if it’s any consolation, I do that type of thing a lot).


Siddle, before we continue this subject I would like say I am not skillful in English specially when I am writing a hard theme such as this paranormal and theology subject. I have to use an online dictionary certainly also recently, before I send a comment, I do check my texts grammar via an online ” grammar checker “. Nonetheless if you know there was some grammar mistake in my writing notify me.

Thank you

Pssst! Siddle! (whispers) Afraid I was the guilty party on the continued wrong spelling of name thingie. [inset; sad face smiley, here]. I kept apologising to Mans for my error, but would then spell Mans name wrong yet again, whilst apologising [insert; smacks head smiley, here].

[Shakes head and logs out!]


Oh no A.J, it hasn’t been an important issue but hereafter you will write it correct because Mans is more simple than you can write it wrong LoL

Just call us J.A. and Sidlllle then.
Cool…now we are even. 🙂

I didn’t find any Grammar errors (at least you try, I know plenty of English speaking folks who don’t even try). I simply thought you were saying that an Angel couldn’t “change”….and I was simply saying that Satan did in fact change, based on the scripts.
If what you said was a misnomer on account of grammar, then I retract my statement, and sorry for my misunderstanding.

P.S. Hey Aj, what is a “sad face smiley” and how does one perform such? My face is screwed up in all sorts of twitchy madness; trying to accomplish this feat. Seriously, why don’t they have a sad face smiley??!? That would help in so many situations!!!!



HI Siddle

I’ve still not worked out how to put smileys on here …. so I give the name of one I’d put on, if only I could work out the techno stuff! LOL!


what I said wasn’t a misnomer and if I asked about my text grammar was just to ensure myself which it had been an acceptable comment in English.
you said [quote]I will preface this with “I personally believe in reincarnation” [/quote] let, we discuss about this subject later and in an another occasion.
You said [quote] But, if I may, I will respond with some of my traditional thoughts, based on Christian upbringing (yes, I’m trying to justify my Devil’s advocate response).[/quote] I have to say I didn’t interfere in a Christian opinion which what he believes in primitive heavenly occurrence because every religion viewpoint is respectable, rather I just explained based on my religion announcement interpretation although there are not too difference between what you believe and what I have been announced (about fallen angel ).