Can An Earth Bound Demon Have Feelings?

Can a demon that was earth born have feelings? And what if they have protected you?

What if they say that you where born for them. That your ancestors gave you to him? And that he does not understand human emotions? Should the person trust him? Even when your instincts and gut tells you too?

Asked by Alicia Esquilinen

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Hi Alicia

Simple thruth is, the demon energy is twisted. They are incabable of love. They are incapable of protecting the living. Indeed, their sole purpose is to work against humanity, not for it.

The Chinese philosophy believe that families have demons attached to them, their purpose is to destroy that family. Indeed, Bruce Lee’s family believed in such a ‘monster’ who jumped from 1st born son, to 1st born son (upon the death of the former) to bring their family bad luck.

I would never trust a demon. What about you?


Hello Alicia

Demons lie. They twist our thinking. They are incapable of love in any form, but they are more than capable of abusing your emotions, and twisting you in knots, until you no long know what is right or wrong. Oh yes, they understand human emotions perfectly well, and they know how to destroy you by using yourself against you.

Would you allow a living person to do this to you? I hope not.

Do you think your ancestors would really sell your soul to something that toxic? You were never born for it, you were born for God, the same as every other person on this planet is, regardless of whether they believe in God, by whatever name, or not.

There are a number of demons around doing this to people right now. They say they are madly in love with their human, while forcing them to behave in ways the person would never choose to do in normal life, like having abusive sex with strangers, or cutting and burning themselves when the demons punishes them for misbehaving. I’ll bet the demon you are dealing with is that one. It will also try to possess other people around you and use them too. No one is safe as long as you let it be anywhere near you.

Don’t listen to the lies, because its all lies. Demand the thing leaves, go to the church that specialises in deliverance ministry and get blessed – that should help. You cannot trust a demon. In the end you will be totally isolated from everyone you can trust and love, while it plays with you and drives you into either into insanitty or suicide, or worse, leaves you as a semi-functiong human being who is incapable of rejoining society.

I am sorry I sound fierce, but watching this happen does so much damage to you, and to your family as well, how many people need to be hurt to satisfy a demons lust for power?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra (Demonologist)

While I agree on everything, from demons lying, twisting human emotion, and completely understanding the human capacity for emotion, I believe that saying “Cannot love, in any form” is a little but severe.
Honestly, the only way I see that statement, as truth, is if love is considered to solely be the physical make-up of chemicals that illicit certain sensations in the body and mind. If this is the only way to experience love, then yes, demons cannot experience love in any form.

However, seeing as we are on a paranormal forum, I think that many, if not all of you, would believe that such emotions and feelings have a (more-so) predominant psychological existence. Love is something that is not just limited to the chemical reactions in the body. If this is what you believe, Demons can and do experience love. However, what their love is directed at is something else.

Demons might love the thrill of chasing down and capturing a soul for hell. They might love the chaos that ensues a possession, mind-manipulation, or other harmful effects to cause mass-hysteria and fear. All of this is love. Love is such an intense emotion. It does not necessarily only encompass romantic, paternal, or brotherly love. Hell! I LOVE training and exercise. If I was to stop either of those things, I would literally have a physical and mental reaction. Both my body and mind would mourn the loss of these exercises.

So, yes, demons can and do feel emotions (So long as we all agree that emotions have a psychological component, not limited to the physical). These emotions includes love. Any emotion in excess is a bad emotion. Demons simply take these emotions to their limits, one way or another.

Hi AP,

Its not Love, its ego driven satisfaction. Its pride and domination, those are not ‘loving’ feelings. Don’t mistake pride for love, its not ‘joy’, its an ‘attaching emotion’ (or ‘controlling’ one) that comes when one being feels stronger than another.

And the endorphins created by exercise give you ‘pleasure’, not love. Love is the gift of giving, not satisfying your body with natural chemicals, or unnatural ones.

Complicated subject, but very interesting. Thank you. 🙂

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Interesting thing is: I could call love an “ego driven satisfaction”. Love, like any other emotion that grants you pleasure, is reinforced, in the human psyche, to be sought after. We want to be “in love”, because we like the way it feels. We like the way a person acts toward us, when we show this “love”. This sounds a lot more as if we like the way a person acts toward us, when we show outward appreciation of a person. What makes love such a powerful emotion, is that those effects can be compounded. The other person likes the exact same thing of us, that we do of them.

Even unconditional love falls into this category. I’m not talking about from God, but from a mother to a child. It has the same root in pleasure, as any romantic love, or love of pleasure. My greatest evidence, to this effect, lies not in supplying a mother that falls under this description, but in showing that mothers exist that do not love their children ‘unconditionally’. This would not be possible, unless something as fickle as pleasure was the root.

However, there are many types of love. And this is because, it is brought about exactly what you said “pleasure”. I love exercise. I love the way my girlfriend’s nose wrinkles, when she gets angry. I love her laugh. ALL of this is because they give me pleasure.

If pleasure is such a strong basis/supplier of love, then I’m sorry, but Demons can most definitely feel it. And, IMO, even more strongly than we can. Demons take everything in excess. Their happiness, their anger, their pride, their lust, love, hunger, patience, impatience, you name it. Every personality detail, emotion, and flaw is taken to its extremes. And, here’s the best part, each of these extremes can be a derivative of pleasure. This makes it completely possible for the Demon to ‘love’ any of the aforementioned.

Good reasoning, AP, except, of course, that demons are not ‘positive’ entities, regardless of what they would like you (me or anyone) to believe. They are more like nasty devious children with sharp claws and teeth, who ride their egos like a horse, and use their abilities to destroy living people, mind and body, if they can.

I would never call that ‘capable of love’. Even a murderer might be capable of loving, or trying to love, at least one person in their lives .. demons, honour no one, not even their own kind. They will foster the illusion that they can love, so that they can control you in ways that will make you give them what they want .. but in the end, defy them and see where it gets you? They have infinite patience and can wait for the right moment to bring about your downfall – but your life is not long enough to wait them out.

I am guessing you already have a demon in your life. I hope you decide not to keep the connection. It will only bring you grief, and everyone around you.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra (demonologist)

Everything you stated above is drawn on the assumption that positive and negative emotions exist. This is something that I would argue doesn’t exist. emotions/”feelings” are neutral in nature. They are neither positive or negative, but can be used in those manners.

Demons are those beings that use these emotions in those negative ways. however, those emotions are still available to them, regardless of their form. To underestmate the capacity that demons have for passion, in any form, is a quick road to the destruction of the self, when exposed to them.

Furthermore, to say that emotions can be split into positive and negative categories is to say that there is a portion of our humanity inherantly evil. This means that part of our very nature is evil, while i would argue that evil is essentially a privation of good. Where this privation is festered through the corruptive effect that ill-intent would have on a being.

I.E. you can’t be evil, without a good to corrupt. If no good exists in a being, any longer, that being ceases to exist. Existence is the inherant good in all. Perhaps demons dont exist, as they are purely evil beings? Or they are beings with that good left to corrupt, thereby solidifying my claim that they are capable of a full range of emotion.

The only demon here is the one misleading people into underestimating the nature of these horribly chaotic beings, much more intune with our humanity than we are.

God hasn’t created a being more important than human. Demons are less than him/her in creation.Even a human can be higher than an angel if he/her does obey god as more as possible.Therefore Demons are tertiary creature in importance ,although they have been created thousands years before the human’s existence.But there is an exception : A faithful demon which he believe in god and does goodness is better than a human he don’t believe in god and dose badness

I know what you are talking about from personal experience and it’s far from over. Yes, they can “project” feeling of love. It can be extremely strong and powerful. It doesn’t mean they actually feel it, they can recreate those emotions to make you think…You can physically feel something weird, but somewhat pleasant. Only if you ever experienced true love you would know the difference. Generally, love is peaceful and kind. It’s quiet state of mind (NOT EMOTION!)and doesn’t carry any passion or sexual motivation at all. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like, really. So, I think God knew I will be going through this…He provided me with the “sample of love” for guidance. Otherwise…I am not sure what would I think of it. In human terms it feels like “true” love. But, really it’s too passionate, too possessive, too much of physical energy present. By the way, demons easily can take human form or possess people to get closer to you. Either way it’s done to misguide and torment you. Love gives you peace.
Why they chose some people to do this… I don’t know for sure. I been told I promised I will never leave. He even took me to Hell and said it’s my home…and it’s time to come back! I think it’s a lie! Either way we are free beings and free to make right choices.