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Things Moving In The House By Themselves

I have had two incidents lately of things moving in the house by themselves. The first happened (coincidentally, or maybe not) while I was watching a TV documentary about a woman who had created a poltergeist in her home with negative emotions.  I was lying on my bed watching it, and right as she was saying how she felt so bad for having created this, I watched as an (empty) foam cup on the bureau in front of me suddenly lifted straight up about 4 inches off of the bureau, and then jumped in an arc off of the bureau onto the floor.  I actually rubbed my eyes because I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. There was no noise, and it didn’t move again after it was on the floor.  I got up and examined the bureau to see if there was anything that might have caused it.  The only thing I found was my phone charger which was nearby, but if that had suddenly uncrimped (for example) and bumped the cup, it would have been knocked right off.  That would not account for the cup rising straight up into the air several inches and then literally leaping in an arc onto the floor.

The second incident was after I had cleaned the kitchen one day.  I had cleaned all the counter tops, closed all the cabinet doors, etc, and stood back when I was done, looking around to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  I gave a nod of satisfaction and then went out onto the patio to have a cigarette.  Once I was done with that, I walked back in and stopped short when I saw that one of the cabinet doors was open.  Not cracked open a little bit, it was wide open, as far as it would go. I am positive that it was closed, since I looked around and double-checked everything before I went outside.

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever experienced things moving by themselves. To my knowledge, there have been no deaths in the house.  I’m not freaking out, since it has just been a cup and a cabinet door.  But I also wanted to reach out for your input as to whether this might be the beginning of paranormal activity starting in the house, and what I can do to prevent it.  I don’t know if this matters, but I do love watching ghost shows, like “A Haunting” on Destination America.  But I have never dabbled in the paranormal, like using a Ouija board, playing with magic, etc.  I genuinely do not want to have a paranormal encounter because I would find it more frightening than interesting.

My question – is this anything I should be worried about?  Does it maybe mean that paranormal activity is starting in the house?  Or do things just sometimes move by themselves in a home and it’s nothing to worry about?  If it is potentially the beginning of more activity, is there anything I can do to stop it?  I smudged my room with sage after the cup incident, but I don’t know if that really works or if it’s just a wive stale.

On a side note, when I was out on the patio 2 days ago, I heard a loud scraping sound, like nails on wood.  It was coming from a cat toy that was on the table, which confused me because it’s just a stick with a string and a cloth mouse at the end of the string.  There isn’t anything on it that could cause a scraping sound like that.  When it happened I chalked it up to my imagination, but then about 5 minutes later it happened again.

Again, I know these are not major incidents, but I wanted to reach out and get your thoughts because if this is the beginning of more pronounced activity happening, I’d like to do what I can to stop it now before it escalates.

Also, I have no history of mental illness, hallucinations, etc.

All thoughts, feedback and suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

Asked by Karen

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Hi Karen,

I once, actually, three times over a few days, watched a wardrobe door open itself, in a big old wardrobe that weighed a ton. That was so groovy. I didn’t know whether to laugh or run .. so I stepped out of the room (in the haunted house), leaned over the balcony and yelled out to the guys downstairs, who were manning the videos, if they had caught the first time on the video (which they had) .. and we all laughed. The ghosts and spirits in the house meant us no harm and had fun with us, including haunting my husband quite specifically when we left him there on this own to go to the graveyard. (We should have stayed at home, there were more ghosts in the house). 🙂

Moving cups and cupboards doors are really a message that says “I am here” rather than anything harmful. If that is the only thing that has happened, or the events intensify, it might be wise to have your home blessed or cleared (Michael Invocation at the bottom of the page), but otherwise, tell the ghost there is a better place to be, to play, to get the energy they need .. through a door into heaven, or led by angels.

As to the claw sounds .. if the ghost is trying to scare you, tell it it failed. It would be better off in heaven, where silly games are actually a lot more fun.

Love & Peace


Thank you for your suggestions. I will try speaking to whatever (or whomever) may be in the house, guiding them to where they need to be, and letting them know they are not welcome here. Hopefully that will stop the activity from continuing and/or escalating.

I appreciate your input,

Sorry for posting on somebody else’s question.
But I was hoping someone could help me

Every now and then I have really chronic lucid dreams. But the way people explain lucid dreams feel different to mind, the dimension I go to in these dreams are surreal, they are like an exact replica of our world right here. I had one just then that I woke up from and it has left me with a few questions… Every time I’ve had one, I always go looking for answers to our waking reality. Most of the people in that place ignore me and are actually quiet rude, but I had this one guy stop and tell me that he can’t answer my questions because there was “too many of them around”. This is something I hear quiet often in these sort of dreams and for the first time ever, I seen who they were talking about, some lady pulled me into a shop and told me to act normal and blend in, so I did, they walked past the shop window and they were older men in coats and short top hats. I was also driving my car and had to take all the back roads because there was police EVERYWHERE!. In these dreams my little sister is always there and trying to help me, I usually bring her along and explain how surreal it is there and how our waking life is exactly like it is there. I can feel pain, I can see my entire body, everything is solid and real, I can smell the fresh air and the cool breeze, it’s usually always a lovely day, well every time that I’ve been there, I can drive cars the exact same way I would here. And there are always crowds of people in which I have never seen before. The only thing is, is that over there it feels much more controlled and manipulated compared to our reality here. I was explaining to someone how people are a little nicer over here then they are over there, a lady was mind blown that I was from a different reality.

I don’t think these are lucid dreams anymore? I’m pretty damn confident that when I sleep I go somewhere that really does exist, like another dimension.

Hi Amethyst,

Sounds like an alternative reality to me too. Scientists have proved, I think, that different dimensions exist .. so it would be possible to touch these other realities when your body is asleep in this one. Our spirits are free to roam where they will …

Love & Peace

Have you guys been there before? If so, when you go there have you asked any questions and gotten a response? Who were those men in the coats and top hats? Was I not suppose to be there?

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