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Mysterious Dream And Object Moving?

Last night while I was sleeping I heard this weird noise behind me sort of like a crackling and sizzling noise. I also felt as if there was someone laying beside me I looked back and saw a black cloud shaped like a circle. But then it was as if I had woken up from a dream. (sorry really bad explanation) This was around 3.

Then in the morning around 6 I was getting out of bed and I noticed that my packet of gum was on the floor and there was pieces of gum spread out on the floor. The gum packet was in my drawer by my bed the night before and I’m 100% that I did not touch the gum or even open the drawer last night.

So I don’t know if these things have anything to do with but I can’t explain them.

Any body know?

Asked by Kendra

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Hello Kendra,

I think you were astral traveling last night and brought home a ‘friend’. Problem with that sort of ghost is they like to hang around, use up all your energy and mess with your mind. It’s also much better to share a bed with the living. I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and use the Michael Invocation to clear your home and send the ghost who likes gum somewhere much healthier.

Love & Peace

Hello Tanaya,

A person who chooses to commit suicide is a wounded soul who needs a great deal of love and tenderness. The only place they get ‘taken to’ is a quiet place in heaven when healing and love surround them completely and its there that they find their peace again, and come to understand the lessons that lifetime has provided, no matter what the length of it.

We all go to heaven. There is no hell that humans are sent to for punishment, there is only LOVE.

Love & Peace

Hello Tanaya,

Answer of your question is in Bible. If you read Bible very carefully you will see not only answer of your question but you will see many other truth about spirituality and life in other dimensions.
Life given by GOD only be taken away by GOD.

…hey kendra and tanaya…
…kendra, sorry your question is being ignored…and i apolagize for my part in this too..
…tanaya…i’m concerned why yooh said “or do we get taken away”…hope yooh are not thinking bout commiting suicide…or hoping that i read that wrong…my dad completed…and it is my belief that his god did not pull the trigger but that it was done by his own hand…his decision…i hope that where ever he is now…that he is at peace…and the only thing i do know for certain is that being a survivor of suicide is like being in hell…

…dark blessings…

Hi Kendra,

It sounds as though you sleep were walking. Many people are unaware that they are active during the night and only become aware when someone else witnesses it. Chances are you were enacting something in your dream and saw the result when you fully woke the next day.

Dark clouds can be an ominous sign but it depends on your own interpretation of the various signs. Was there any problems playing on your mind? A gut feeling that something was off? That could explain the clouds and the proximity to you. Closer to you meaning a pressing concern. Possibly a concern with someone in your immediate circle of friends, family or work. The feeling of someone on the bed can be part of a sleep state. Hypnopopic and hypnoparalysis can explain the pressure and often seeing what isn’t there as your mind is not fully awake but your body thinks it is. I hope that was of some help.
If you dream regularly and can recall them, you may want to jot them down along with any emotions, sensations and colours. That will help you to identify common elements that crop up and to interpretate them correctly.


Dear All,

On this subject before I apply myself on other comments. Objects moving can be either from energies of the past, like everything in the science of the paranormal, we cannot understand the forces. We do try to understand why, but like everything else, we are unknown to the fact of it. There are a few ways to think about it, like the spirit world likes to communicate to the living, trying to move objects to make people know they are there. Nevertheless like everything in this world, its hard to believe, unless you have experienced such happenings. Many have, and lots have not.

Human beings, are weird bunch, some have open minds, and understanding of paranormal, I say about 20%, and 50% believe its the Religious, other 30% do not believe in paranormal. Its human nature.

I have some religious beliefs, but, I do believe we are here to experience things, which we have not in other past lives, and its hard to place it all.

With people who leave this world on their own, is not easy, and is hard. And Hell is not really a place, its nothing of that, we enter a place for all, no matter what we have none on Earth. This is what Earth has done to them, Human Nature. And if we believe in such realms of heaven and hell, they are sent energies to them to create them. This planet is Hell and Heaven its all combined into one. When we reach some level in Civilisation, and forget religion and politics, and look after each other, like we should, I do believe this world will be better for all, No diseases, no famines, no greed, and everything else, which we have created. In long term, we will never reach that yet, not on the road we are taking how, I do believe we will, but it take a lot centuries. Human beings are a fluke of nature, we were created by comet which hit the planet, and with Biological side, it was Earth. And life began.

So everything is what it is…The meaning of Life, is based on survive, to work together. And life and death are both the same.

Either way. Its up to intelligent mind to see the truth, and deny what is religion, because creation is everything here, and beyond the stars, and universes. And life is one, and death is another.

On the respect to things religious to everything, its what we want to believe, because human beings, cannot stand not knowing, and unknown is placed by some theory or thought, or creating something to make it feel that we know.

I will end there.

Dark blessings


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