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Ghosts and Gold and Hauntings

So my family comes from a town in Mexico 3 hours away from Mexico city. Everyone in town is aware that there is gold burried and in caves. My boyfriends grandfather has actually found some and became very wealthy and he is a firm believer in the paranormal. He has seen whiches and one tried to kidnap him when he was a baby.

There are other people who have experienced ghost and such in this town. A house that my mom is inheriting has always had talk about having gold.

My Mom has always told me that when she was younger she  sometimes stayed at that house. And she told me that she would hear chains dragging on the floor. And my aunt was once handed a candle when nobody was in the room with her. I have also seen strange things like my stuff being moved to the room where the hole was. And when I was younger I used to have dreams about a man in chains digging in that room.

Her cousins have found some gold but my uncle put concrete over the hole because he believes the gold is haunted since his son went blind after finding a gold earring.
Anyway now my mom wants to look for the gold. Is there any way that she could be harmed by the paranormal.

Asked by Lola

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Hi Lola,

I would suggest your mother use the Michael Invocation, the link to it is at the bottom of this webpage, to clear the energy of the house before she starts digging up any bits of cement to find gold. After that, when she starts hunting, if things get more stirred up, contact us again and we can dig more deeply into the subject.

Love & Peace

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