Did I Somehow Summon An Incubus?

Hello, I am a 15 year old girl who is just so curious and trys things for herself to see if it is true or not…well ive been reading a lot about incubus and succubus and people’s experience the bad and the good. Being very imaginative person I thought about what might happen if I had one and how fascinating these demons sound…

Now I read about them for an hour or so before going to bed because who doesn’t love a scare before bed?

A Week later as I was in trance so close to drifting off I felt a tingling sensation all down my left side and it slowly crept across my back and wrapped around my torso not to mention another in between my thighs as if it was rubbing. I didn’t want it to stop at all because what I felt was a warm, fuzzy and relaxed feeling and being bullied for years never had that. As I gave into the sensation all of a sudden I felt something ‘playing’ with me the sexual feeling was almost to much to bear, that’s when I shot up and looked around.. nothing… Now every now and then I would sit down or lay down and I would feel the sensation on my but or running down my leg…. Did I conjure one or am I just over thinking things…..

Asked by Lita


What Is A Succubus And Incubus?

In the Michael Invocation, I have noticed succubus and incubus mentioned. I was wondering what they are. Are they bad spirits or demons?

I still have some activity in my house, but I think things are getting quieter.

Asked by Nancy Abbott


Is It Possible To Get Pregnant By An Incubus?

I have been having Incubus experiences since January, I was too scared to stop it. It would come to me as soon as I lay in bed.

At first I wondered why it didn’t come to me because I was getting used to it, and then on the Monday I started my monthly ‘gift’. But it’s not a heavy flow like it used to be, it’s just drips of blood. I usually tuck in my stomach when I exercise but I can’t tuck it in as much, it feels as though there’s a little body in there.

I went to the doctor and he pressed in, he looked shocked but didn’t say anything. Before this happened, I kept having dreams that I was pregnant and single. The child was always a boy with blonde hair, in the end the child would grow up to be evil no matter what I told him as a young boy.

Yesterday, when I was listening to music I could feel a hand touch my stomach but nobody was doing it. I felt comforted but when I felt that hand on my stomach, I would always feel a slight foot kick from inside me. I’m scared, if I’m not pregnant I would be relieved but if I am I don’t know what I’ll do, I do not have a boyfriend nor have I had intercourse with a human.

Asked by Dayla