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Strange Things My Partner Is Seeing

So I don’t know if anyone will think I’m crazy but my partner and I are probably the most unspiritual people you could ever meet, never believed in it. But this morning my partner told me that strange things happened last night.

He awoke after a feeling of something in his body like he could feel something moving and when he awoke he saw a figure standing at the door, it looked like it had tentacles.

When he saw this he looked at me and well I was doing weird things in my sleep like…. Feeling myself all over then looked back at the door and it was gone. Then he stood up really fast out of bed so scare it off. Then went back to sleep and the woke up again with my hands around his throat while I was sleeping.

Can anyone tell me what on earth is happening?

Asked by tory

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Hi Tory,

The first thing I would do is scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to

1) clear yourself
2) clear your home.
3) ask your boyfriend to do the same.

The instructions are on the webpage.

It sounds to me as if the entity had some control over your body, or that you were fighting it.

There are astral entities that try to attach themselves to the living and feed on their energy. They can look like the brief description your body gave. They can be removed. They can also be returned to the energy they were created from. That is what the Michael Guardians do .. so make the requests.

And if it ever happens again, contact me again.

Love & Peace