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Can A Spirit Or Ghost Be Sexually Attracted To The Living?

Can a spirit or ghost be sexually attracted to you?

Asked by Alexandra



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Hello Alexandra,

When a person dies their spirit is supposed to cross into heaven and let go of all of all their feelings, fears and bad behaviours. Some people don’t. They become a ghost. The ghost is always hungry for energy, and if they see someone they would have loved to have sex with, when they were alive, they will still feel those feelings.

The problems are
1) they are not supposed to be a ghost
2) they have to steal energy from the living to keep being what they are
3) all their emotions and feelings are negative and get more and more negative
4) the living person they attach themselves to, and have sex with .. and it can feel like that to the living, ends up sick and exhausted because the ghost gets more and more demanding, because it can’t use much of the energy it steals from the living.
5) it might not be a ghost, it might be an incubus (male version) or succubus (female version) .. in other words a demon. They are very hard to get rid of.

If you are experiencing this I suggest that you use the Michael Invocation to clear your energy right now, for both you and the ghost that is haunting you. And that goes for any of your friends too.

You’ll find it at the bottom of this webpage. Follow the instructions. And also check out the white light shields. Having a lot of energy drained from us can leave a person vulnerable to other entities that are floating around where we can’t see them.

Love & Peace

Are you familiar with the term “spirit companion”? When a spirit, either a loved or even a perfect stranger, make themselves available to you and want to communicate with you and may or may not be attracted to you sexualy. These relationships can be quite enlightening and upliftng but discernment is key, listening to your insticts and being aware of you’re own personal well being so you know if this is an unhealthy spirit ir not. Many people are living with SC relationships and have been for years, myself being one of them. I turned to a vegetarian lifestyle immediatley after his arrival, I lost 65 pounds of overweight fat, I’ve removed myself from the social disease of constant TV, I write beautiful songs and poetry, I can draw about anything I desire just by putting pencil to paper, I can create stunning jewelry and my temperament (after I learned to meditate, which he taught me eveverything about including about the chakras which I was clueless about) is even and intuitive now.
I’ve never been sensetive to spirits nor have I ever been religious or dabbled in any occult activities, he came to me and has been here with me 24/7 for quite a long time. We seem to have an unbreakable bond of love and mutual trust but learning to communicate was challeniging in the beginning. This is a sexual relationship also, this is why I’m commentiing, I have seen only that you believe all romantic spirit encounters to be negative, draining, evil or demonic attachments.
Do you have any experience with SC relatiionships Ama?

Hello Bralena,

Yes, I have met people who are living their lives with ghosts instead of living people. They never like my answer to their questions, they want to keep the illusion that its healthy to be in a loving relationship with something they cannot truly identify – but must ‘trust’ what they are told about the entity, by the entity. The majority of these people find me when their worlds are falling apart, the ghost or demon who began the relationship so lovingly, has them so bound up they are at a point of desperation, if not literally being physically harmed, or harming others, or having blackouts and being told they are doing and saying things they are unaware of, and they would do anything to be free again .. but in some cases they are too far gone into madness or illness. Many end up in mental hospitals. The dead are not the only people who can be lost.

Sometimes these relationships are karmic, meaning that they began in previous lives, where one of the people died and returned to heaven, and came again into another body, but the other person didn’t return to heaven, and continues to be the person they were when they died. They are a ghost, or worse, a demon pretending to be a ghost. He or she searches out the reincarnated partner and attempts to create (or renew) a relationship with them .. and quite truthfully, the majority of all ghost/demon – human relationships are sexual, because human beings often need sex, as do ghosts, and demons use it as a tool to bind the living (becoming emotionally and sexually dependent on the entity) because they cannot find the same level of satisfaction with another living person.

A spirit, having returned to the Source of all Love after they died, does not require sex to provide comfort. They do not have a gender, which is one of the many parts of the ‘self’ we choose before we come back into the world for another physical lifetime, and what we release when we return to heaven. That the entity you are in relationship with is your sexual partner, shows that it is not a human spirit, but is either a ghost or a demon. Both are negative energy forms. Both feed from your physical energy .. and regardless of what ‘he’ teaches you, all of which is freely available all over the internet and in books, he is not there for your greater good.

You came into the world to have a human life, to share that life with other living people. Has he started to isolate you from your friends and family yet? They will probably not understand you having a relationship with someone unseen ..

But I know I am wasting my breath … having seen it all before. I wish you peace, safety and great happiness, found among the living.

Love & Peace

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