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Being Followed By White Creature / Spirit

What does it mean if I am seeing/being followed by a white doggish/catlike creature/spirit that gets bigger every time I see it, and disappears when I look back?

I’ve seen it about 6 times.

Asked by Jermiah

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Hello Jermiah,

Very interesting .. I have questions.

In describing it as cat or dog-like .. you mean a small bodied animal walking on four legs?
How big is big?
Does it appear at only certain times of the day, or all the time?
Does it appear to know you are there?
Does it only appear in certain locations?
Is it a bright shadow or can you see fur and features?

I could probably think of more, but could you answer those first please, and tell me any other information you might think is not really relevant.

Thank you
Love & Peace